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ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Carla Peperzak Middle School Garco


Carla Peperzak Middle School

Garco Construction (General Contractor/Construction Manager) is requesting sealed bids for the CARLA PEPERZAK MIDDLE SCHOOL for the following Subcontractor Bid Packages:

BP #2 “”“ Early Site Package – Earthwork and Utilities

(Due Thursday, October 7th, 2021 at 2:00 pm.)

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The scope of work is outline in the Bid Documents. Bids are to be submitted on the Bid Proposal form provided in Contract Specifications. A Bid Bond is required for any bid $300,000 or above.

Contract Documents for bid packages noted above can be reviewed on or after September 16th, 2021 at the following locations:

Abadan Reprographics, 603 E. 2nd Ave, Spokane, WA 99202
Spokane Regional Plan Center, Spokane, WA;

Sealed bids will be received and publicly opened with Garco Construction and Spokane Public Schools representatives present. Bids must be submitted no later than the date and time listed above, at Garco Construction, 4114 E Broadway Ave, Spokane WA 99202. Bids received after the time specified above, and/or faxed/emailed/phones submissions will not be considered. The Bid Package number and submittal date must appear on the outside of all bids submitted. Any firm failing to submit its proposal in accordance with the procedures set forth in the Instructions to Bidders may be considered non-responsive.

Individuals with disabilities who may need special accommodations to participate in the public bid opening meeting should contact Amelia DeMar, Sr Project Engineer w/ Garco Construction, at (509) 535-4688 no later than three days before the scheduled date of the meeting so that arrangements for the modifications can be made.

Questions should be addressed to Amelia DeMar, Sr Project Engineer w/ Garco Construction, via phone at (509) 535 -4688 or via email .

Garco Construction encourages the participation of Minority Owned and Women Owned Business Enterprises in this Request for Proposal.


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