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ADVERTISEMENT TO BID BISMARK CONSTRUCTION COMPANY CONSTRUCTION MANAGERS AT RISK CITY OF BRIDGEPORT BASSICK HIGH SCHOOL PHASE 2 CONSTRUCTION Bid Package 1.06A General Trades Re-Bid STATE PROJECT # 015-0180 N BRIDGEPORT, CT 06604 (3) Separate, sealed bids for individual bid packages for the New Bassick High School in Bridgeport, Connecticut, will be received by Bismark Construction Company, Inc., 115 Broad Street, Bridgeport, Connecticut 06604. Bid Packages 1.06A is due February 22, 2023. Bid Package 1.06A is due at 10:00AM, and then, at said office, be publicly opened by the Construction Manager. Each bid must be submitted with one (1) original and two (2) copies. Late bids or bids received at any other location will not be accepted. The Invitation to Bid is posted on Navigate to “Current Bids on BidSync” on right side of webpage. Prospective bidders whose bid exceeds $500,000.00 must be pre-qualified by the State of Connecticut Department of Administrative Services (DAS) for the classification of work that they are bidding on. For further information please contact: BISMARK CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 115 Broad Street Bridgeport, CT 06604 203-296-9946 The information to bidders, form of bid, form of contract, plans, specifications, forms of bid bond, performance bond, payment bond, and all other contract documents may be examined at the following: Bismark Construction Company Dept. of School Construction Bassick Field Office 999 Broad Street, 2nd Floor 115 Broad Street Bridgeport, CT 06604 Bridgeport, CT 06604 Bidders must order and reserve sets of plans and specifications prior to pick up from DigiPrint. Plans and specifications may be purchased at the cost of printing, which is non-refundable. Plans and specifications will also be available for electronic purchase and download. All Addenda will be issued solely through Digiprint’s plan holders list. To obtain bid sets, contact Customer Service at the following location: DigiPrint 909 Main Street Stratford, CT 06615 Phone: 203-375-1228 This project is covered by a Project Labor Agreement and is open to all bidders. All contracts will be held directly by the Construction Manager, Bismark Construction Company, as this project will follow the Construction Manager At-Risk form of delivery. This Project engages the City’s Minority Business Enterprises (“MBE”) Ordinance (See Ch.3.12.130). The utilization requirement for certified African-American Owned Business Enterprises is 6% of the total contract sum. The overall utilization goal for MBEs is 9% and Women Owned Businesses 15%. To satisfy this requirement the W/MBE must submit a true copy of their current (no older than 2 years) State of Connecticut certification, other government certification or certification from a recognized independent organization. The City reserves the right to authenticate such certification.




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