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Moscow, Russia – Policy Makers, Investors, Distributors and Asset Managers should expect an uptick in Russia asset volatility as on on-set of reality hits Putin. Stability has been all but reality for Putin and the recent military weapon he constructed proves just that. Treaty talks and reverse engineering solutions with Russian allies is well underway sparking a backlash from Moscow on Wednesday.

With no sign of normality or negotiations from Putin, and not one sign of credibility, we can expect further isolation and alienation’s of the Russian, Indian, Saudi Arabian and China people from the global economic and social environment.

In England, Italy and France Intelligence also suggests communism politicians disguised under right political parties are agents on behalf of Saudi Arabia in conjunction with China, Russia, Prince Charles, Musk & Trump Orgs and maintain communications.

Latest intelligence data also suggests a combined collaborative involvement in the release of the Pandemic and other atrocities linked to covid-19 isolation’s.

This will further burden and break the England, Italy, Russian, India, Saudi Arabian and China people by acts of constant terrorism, hate crimes, war crimes, and human rights violations. Intelligence also suggests further communist separatism in the form of Financial currencies and links to Singapore. Links to market manipulations and sabotage are confirmed as well as terrorism financing.

Avoid these hotspot areas including India with investment due to bond pulling, insurance cancellations, coverage forfeitures.

Avoid business, travel, contracts and vehicles that convey materials due to bond pulling, cancellations of policies on vessels, cars, planes and companies operating within these countries at all costs.

This has deepened immediate critical infrastructure needs within it’s own Nations and it’s democratic victim and neighbor Ukraine. The group collectively with out-nation cells works as a Terrorist Group. Expect further news and intelligence.

With worldwide extortion techniques and terror acts these countries leaders we will see extreme volatility in party leaderships.

Singapore, India, Britain & London being destabilized with corruption in the recent years will now face the repercussions for the now countries leaders as an onslaught of fury is in the pipeline coming from its democratic citizens. Avoid hotspot investment at all costs including physical visits due to pending bond pulling, insurance cancellations, coverage forfeitures.

What To Expect & Watch

Independent Scientist appointments and reports on damages resulting from the actions that resulted in the elimination of rapid atmospheric layer depletion’s, overheatings, wildfires, storms and tilter of the earths mineral balances and correlations to geomagnetic depletion and axis augmentations including air & electricity.

Red Cross, United Nations, Unicef, Peace Corps and other mental, environment and security support groups are prepare for the largest deployment ever of mental and environment support in world history that will provide highly specialized support and strengths to individuals – including, the underlying infrastructure needed to nations that include Ukraine, Russia, China, and United States and other collaterally damaged nations.

What To Avoid

Oil & Gas, Financial and Insurance sectors will remain the higher risk sectors with volatility during the transition; seeing the blunt of legal problems and arrests. Avoid down-line hotspot investment due to bond pulling, insurance cancellations, coverage forfeitures.

Companies that delayed or conspired to delay transition purposely will see higher losses due to being unprepared, and or possibly being merged or attached to other more responsible companies or countries.

Avoid obvious extremely susceptible orgs Bank Of England, Google, Stripe, Andreessen Horowitz, a16z, Tesla, SpaceX, Paypal, OneWeb, Nokia, Ericsson, Cemex, Mastercard, LLoyds of London Syndicates, Trump Orgs and Family Offices, and T-Mobile, Bank of America, and all personal and family offices during this period and during transition as investigations unfold we will see turnovers, freezes and forfeitures that will most likely move rapidly as they will be immediate necessities for US, EU and UN intervention.

Other area to avoid are the lawyers and attorneys, non-profits setup and fraudulent research tanks will be dissolved and forfeited. The Republican National Party will also face insolvency issues and forfeitures of pac funds and returned donations. With no other choice available to the party or its members they will have to reapply and reestablish resulting in delayed or interrupted elections. Reasons being there is no relief for its legally good standing members and running mates if they were to be elected.

Financial Investment Influx Areas

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Healthcare & Mental Health, Housing & Temp Housing/Shelter, Physical Tech, HR, Construction & Infrastructure, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Bio & Renewables, Military and Materials will be a sweet spot for investors looking to remain invested through volatile transitions.

What to expect in the U.S.

-Passport Revocations, Seizures, Groundings & Arrests

-Raids, Seizures and Confiscations of servers, data center machines, mining apparatuses and satellites operating without proper energy engineering, proper UL and other necessary registrations and calculations. Similar companies failing to meet proper regulation and security meet the same fate.

-Cryptocurrencies are extremely high risk until further notice. Due to financing terrorism and to provide emergency energy and air relief to citizens we will see emergency relief. The facts that make founders and investment impossible to regulate or to contain virus transmissions companies may be forced shut down and resubmit for approval when they have the necessary protocols in place. Other reasons are above.

-Domestic Insurance & Bond Coverage Including Cancellations On Related Companies Linked To Transportation or Conveyance of Terrorism.

-Sweeping PPP revocations, seizures and prosecutions

-Reversal and or revocations of Telcom Federal reimbursements to update existing fraudulent and negligent infrastructure installed by telcoms. Removal and replacement of new equipment and underlying infrastructure.

-Sweeping Firings and Re-Structuring At Emergency Response Agencies Such As Police, Telcoms & I.T.

-Sweeping Corporate Officer Re-Organizations From Top Down To Staff – on site staff at critical infrastructure orgs.

-Expedited Energy & Oil Intellectual Property Sharing, other market frivolous patent and trademark dissolution’s

-Sweeping Corporate Officer Re-Organizations From Top Down To Staff Of Contaminated Institutions

-Expedited Energy & Oil Re-Establishing Including Corporate Officer Re-Organizations From Top Down To Staff

-Mandatory Stationed Intelligence & Oversight Help At Most Major Tech and Telcom Companies Similar To USDA stations

-Economic, Information, Intelligence and Technology Treaty Frameworks With Outlying International Nations

-Executive and Corporate Shares, Equity & Asset Freezing

-Ally Guarantees For Nations

The World and United States will move towards restructuring the damages caused by such entities, Initial damage estimates and recuperation put the dollar value in the trillions.

On another note in the news the Air Force’s Space Force released a new anthem. You can see it here…

We will update ongoing…



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