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ALERT: New Cyber Attack Risks Observed

United States Of America – New cyber attack risks have been observed and under study. New techniques which we call a new “hybrid” utilize a combination of devices to “air” jack device data via two way through the use of LED, OPTICAL, WIFI, SAT or Cellular.

1) One method observed utilizes attacks the NIC & Switches via Morse Code tied to pulses and light color. Morse code is not the only method of stealth.

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2) The second method involves geolocation, room scanning and data pulling via a combination of the signals and active devices in the room. The devices can be your Computer or Tablet, Certain Screens, Phone, your phones screen or modem, and other iOT devices.

Technicians should evaluate light sources in data centers and infrastructure and relations to NIC cards, Filters and switches. Tolerances to external sky satellite or wifi/cellular signals.

In addition office locations with nearby windows should be reevaluated. People in sensitive positions should reevaluate proximity of cellular, wireless, optical and iot devices to safeguarded computers,  data transmissions, and personnel.



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