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Antillean Manor Apartments 206 Day Street, New Haven Ct GC

Antillean Manor Apartments 206 Day Street, New Haven Ct GC to Subcontract; start approx. June 2021 Est. Cost $10.0 Million Description of Work: The project is new ground-up construction of a 4 story, wood framed apartment building containing 31 dwelling units plus common spaces. The new building will be fully sprinklered and will have a passenger elevator as well as a trash chute with compactor. The new building footprint will allow for more onsite parking and more open space. The new building will remain a 4-story building with the same number of apartments. New utilities will be brought in from the street and the site improvements include landscaped areas with trees along the street. Construction work will include the demolition of the existing 3 story masonry and precast concrete apartment building and existing site improvements constructed in 1970. There are asbestos containing materials in the existing building and asbestos abatement will be completed prior to, or in conjunction with, demolition. The existing foundation is also scheduled to be removed. The new building will be clad with a combination of energy star windows, brick veneer, vinyl siding and PVC trim along with built-up cornices and a membrane roofing system. This contract is subject to state set-aside and contract compliance requirements. Certified state and local SBE/MBE/WBE and Section 3 companies are highly encouraged to submit. Contract subject to Ordinances 12 1/4 and 12 1/2 . New Haven contractors encouraged to submit. Davis-Bacon residential wage rates apply. Certified payrolls and Monthly employee utilization reporting per CHRO & City of New Haven requirements required. All proposals must be broken down for each trade/line item being bid. All contracts will be required to include and comply with CHRO “Notification to Bidders” requirements included in bid documents. Tax applicable to all materials. Bonds are not required. General building permit only by GC. All MEP proposals must include cost for their respective permits. Plans and specs are also available via Dropbox at the link: ErG4iq4swXdCmLFrJlNIUZABOVcC12VCE2rvt6tDsAyccw?e=S9aPzD Plans and specifications are available to review and purchase online from: Prentis Printing Solutions at Prentis, 35 Pratt St. Meriden CT 203-634-1266. Web link : Username: SRC01 Password: Antillean Merritt Graphics, 650 Franklin Ave, Hartford, CT 06114, 860-296-2500. Web link (no username or password): antillean-manor-apartments PRE-BID ON SITE WALK THORUGH SHALL BE CONDUCTED @ 9:30AM ON March 9, 2021 Bids must be emailed no later than March 19, 2021 close of business, to: Ross Burton @ David Biega @ GC Contact: SRC Construction Services LLC 200 Pratt Street, Meriden, CT Ross Burton: 203-639-5174 David Biega: 860-992-8099

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