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BID NOTICE NICHOLSON TWP SECOND CLASS WILL BE ACCEPTING BIDS FOR CALCIUM, ROAD OIL AND CRUSHED AGGREGATE AS FOLLOWS: 30,000 GAL +/- LIQUID CALCIUM conforming to current PA DOT specifications 30,000 GAL +/- AEP OIL conforming to current PA DOT specifications 30,000 GAL. +/- EDP OIL conforming to the current PA DOT specifications CRUSHED AGGREGATE conforming to current PA DOT specifications as follows: ANTI-SKID 600 TON +/- 1B 100 TON+/- 2A STONE @ 5,000 TON+/- 2B @ 500 TON+/- R3 @ 200 TON+/- R4 @ 200 TON+/- R6 @ 100 TON+/- R8 @ 100 TON+/- ^ minus @ 100 TON+/- All proposals must have a certification that material meets PA DOT specifications, be priced per ton FOB and delivered. The bid must be accompanied by a certified check or bid bond in the amount of 10% of the bid, made payable to Nicholson Twp. A performance bond of 50% of the contract is required within 20 days of the award of the contract. All bids must be submitted upon forms furnished by the Township. Bid packets are available to all prospective bidders at the Nicholson Municipal Building. TO REQUEST A BID FORM, PLEASE EMAIL nicholsontownship@fron or CALL (570) 942-4583. All bids must be sealed and plainly marked “Bids for Materials Sealed bids will be received by Nicholson Township until 12:00 Noon on Tuesday, April 20, 2021. Bids will be publicly opened for review and possible awarding at a special meeting that night at 6:00 PM. The Nicholson Township Board of Supervisors reserves the right to reject any or all bids or parts thereof or items therein, to waive any defects or irregularities in the bids and to accept any bid which, in its judgment, is for its best interest. Nicholson Township By: Lisa Mihalina, Secretary