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BITCOIN: An American Crime Story – Chapter 4 – “The Squeeze Continues”

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Come out. Come Out. Where Ever You Are.

Come out. Come Out. Where Ever You Are. With the squeeze comes the circles. Continuous circular end points which once broken re-form. With the war comes finance. Where did it start? Intelligence sees most technology and top down orders originating from United Kingdom/Australia including Bitcoin’s origins mate. Adding dots to the circle +Saudi Arabia + Russia + …

Where did it start?

Intelligence sees most technology and top down orders originating from United Kingdom/Australia including Bitcoin. Adding dots to the circle +Saudi Arabia + Russia + India then South America, China then United States.

Bitcoin and Crypto originate in the 1990’s and mostly was used logistically in the intelligence fields and distant locations. Not much has changed in it’s foundational design. It is designed to launder and separate. Unfortunately when tied with commercial applications and use cases it becomes a virus or malware. There is no way control mining malware, how much energy or damage, communication errors, rolling blackouts etc.

Just like switch hubs like Toronto it is readable and trackable.

Other major issues with Bitcoin are that there is no way to contain or fix the threats, AI, mining and or malware. Hence the botnet. Lastly cloning duplication is easily accomplished. For example deploying a an exact duplicate.

Venture Capital Before & After

Venture Capital & Bitcoin were and are the number 1 source of laundered funds in America that is fueling this war and transfer of power. Over 100 entities were leading the first attack, tracked during scatter and then retracked on re-routing and reformations.

Even after recent law changes in finance, intelligence and communications fields we still we have observed over 50 new companies observed practicing to further extremes.

The most fragrantly data related companies are  Andreessen Horowitz, Stripe, KiwiTech, and Musk , And Peter Theil Related foundings. You will see most companies will be in Heavy Critical Equipment or Machines, Blockchain and Finance, Communications and Housing.

Where They At, What To Look Out For

Nationwide Election, Critical Infrastructure & Emergency Management

The interviewee evidenced several major events in addition to what has been released thus far. For the purpose of updates needed we are releasing a brief here.

The report of events and threats mentioned in this article were declared in advance to several United States of America agencies and local emergency management agencies over 10 months ago to the current day with out success.

Documented calls to FBI, Police and Connecticut Police In Granby calls we intercepted and rerouted. Granby had a voicemail left. A local police station call was also rerouted. Online Forms unsuccessful. Phones on more then one network were tested. Emails also had the same results whether google, private or otherwise regardless of network provider. Finally the reports were brought to several law firms all of which leaked confidential and classified information and try to turn over the evidence to internal parties. At the time of writing the conflicts of interests were being linked and investigated.

How? Over the last 3-4 years they have been slowly releasing the malwares, mem chip bios, botnets and more. Most recently with the attacks over the winter LLoyds of London’s response teams came contaminated with corrupted people and installed end point software for monitoring end points but also for intelligence gathering and planting. LLoyds legal contract framework for insurance claims has also been changed just prior to most recent attacks further squeezing.

What kinds of malware? Beyond strippers or other DDOS attacks with that comes the Cyber Response Teams from the Insurance company. From there is where the traffic is monitored and gathered. In addition “If This Than That” bugs and other network espionage is installed along with back doors.

Other events we saw is physical utility company employee interaction similar to google. Optimum, United Illuminating, T-Mobile all had different tactics. One took over control of remote router control, Two changed company names to personal names so they can be stalked or killed. These have been more associated with groups like Oath Keepers and similar types. You can find extraordinary useful information here.

Hotel California

With the White House news now dead last in rankings and most sites, businesses, products and services stripped from the American public they also served a deadly cocktail of Adsense cyanide luring everyone into foreign data traps and tracking for years, but more importantly during the peak of cyber attacks and the Ukraine war.

Google is the world’s biggest backer of cryptocurrency and blockchain companies. The tech giant’s parent company Alphabet invested $1.5 billion into just four crypto startups since September 2021, according to a report from Blockdata

The failure of management to handle anything for that matter is outright disgraceful. The outright infiltration of all systems at home and abroad is a complete failure on all fronts. Android, AI and

Their venture capital program, cyber response and customer technical support has run into the same problems. The most fragrantly dangerous data related companies are Andreessen Horowitz, Stripe, Trump and Musk Related foundings. You will see most companies will be in Heavy Critical Equipment or Machines, Blockchain and Finance, Communications and Housing.

Journalists & Intelligence Deaths

Google, ESRI & MIT data trackers have been linked to withholding valuable national data at highly negligent levels. This data is critical and protects not only the environment and earth but people, their families and their health. CIA and Journalist deaths have skyrocketed over the past few years. These deaths, in most cases avoidable, have been linked to tracking enabled viewers, search and other identification system that google and their employees have access too.

Other threats that should be realized is when combined with new 5g technology leads to highly accurate military grade electronic triangulation and surveillance.

People, School & Kids

With recent anomalies found in chrome books, google operations and data theft schools should be more proactive in procurement of digital services and devices. Tracking, theft and data distribution efforts are world wide at this point. Utilized in takeovers, elections, obstruction and intimidation.

Internet of Things devices and games from any manufacturer have been affected and can be targeted. Possible corruption of devices can lead to subliminal obstruction as well and manipulation and chaos. Intelligence gatherers both good and bad can be diverted for negligent use cases. Children on the spectrum, labeled or outcasted by school leaders are high level targets.

Intellectual Property Theft

This cant be blamed on Foreign Intelligence as the exhibits show patents being filed by the Google employees themselves. Literally at first next business hour. See also China, Rocky Mountains, MIT & Michigan

Energy Theft & Environmental Damage

see also North Carolina, Texas & Florida

see also CME, Google & MIT,Andreessen Horowitz, Stripe, Square

Rocky Mountains

Colorado became a hot spot of intelligence, laundered funds and Crypto, most of which from China, with Universities in Michigan and others. Other far right events are especially high in Minnesota as well. Most of which formed after a closed circle or “loop” at MIT. These circles go out most data centers in B.C. and California but travel to Florida, Utah, & Texas before sending information and data to China, India, Saudi, UK and Russia.


Areas rich in history of space science and mineral research also lies circles connecting these rings with Jared Birchall, Elon Musk and far right Christian Extremist groups, also found in NY, with specialties in brain wave research and intelligence gathering. Some of which had experience in health care coding here and abroad in Romania. They also are highly sophisticated in HAM radios, LED, RF, Surveillance, espionage and murder/framing for hire.


Intrastate routes:

Florida> Washington D.C.> NJ> NYC>

Connecticut, Florida> Washington D.C.> Texas vice versa.

International routes:

Florida> Austria> Amsterdam> Switzerland> UK> Saudi Arabia> Russia vice versa Florida> NYC> India> Saudi Arabia> China vice versa


Over the past 5 years we have seen tremendous increases in software imports and ventures. When correlated with the cyber attacks last year, winter and this spring and summer we found most benefiting companies to be in Texas followed by Florida & California. We observed them cracking operating system after operating system. They then split the users between Ubuntu and Cpanel pushes you to a new operating system with suspected Russian ties based in California. Cpanel also states when logging in that CentOS is obsolete when actually not.

We noticed summer 2022 that after the series of winter attacks more and more recent attacks were targeting CentOS still. This is concerning when coupled with other noticed data. A Massachusetts company “Stratus” has sat idle for years but was just sold quickly to a California based company. Why is this important? This company make financial system computers and servers used around the world and the New York Stock Exchange. It also runs mostly on CentOS.

North Carolina

Home of some of the nations leading energy data and technology also some of the nations aviation technology. Calibrations, data theft and manipulation has been observed with suspected links to Saudi Arabia, Russia, Texas and Florida.

New York & Connecticut

With disorganization in New York organized crime that stretches into parts of Connecticut came Russian influence as well that at the height of the Ukraine war was pushed back before being reintroduced by Toronto forming the new loop to Ireland, Russia & U.K. See also Texas and Chapter


see also Chapter 6 “You Broke It You Buy It”


see also Chapter 6 “You Broke It You Buy It”

Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Amsterdam

Where else are incoming hot spots & Communications Circles?

Toronto, B.C., Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and other Latin American zones.

*This is a brief and not all information, locations, entities or tactics are listed. You should use a “Think Twice Initiative” immediately throughout workforce protocols and double check communications and orders – physically. Look out for communication manipulations and gain physical verified chain of commands from bottom to the top and vice versa. Prosecutions will be enforced.

*Data, Science, Reports, Witness Reports & Analysis are being combined and edited/released as fast as possible. As a Public Emergency courtesy we are releasing information in the most responsible, quickest way possible given the situations.

If you have information related to activity mentioned in this series that you would like to submit or would like to make us aware of you can email and or help by assisting the FBI or Secret Service may have rewards for certain information.

Any investigative disclosures or information that is an emergency or related to a crime in progress should be immediately directed to the Secret Service or FBI. If you are abroad direct it to the CIA then NSA.

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