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BITCOIN: An American Crime Story – Chapter 1 – “Take the facts”

cover photo By miomio13

United States of America – Bitcoin. It is known to everyone under 25. Just another cryptocurrency right? The only one they know, and are supposed to know.

We take you on a deep dive.

Take a look.

Take a walk down Bitcoin lane as America knows it.

Learn about what you do not know.

Let the dust settle.

Do you smell that crash and burn? Let the details rise from the ashes.

The Bitcoin story has a lot of twists and turns. Bitcoin is shrouded in secrecy. The industry known for illegitimacy; trafficking; fraud; murder; extortion; and tracking.

Criminal behaviors are bred one way continuously into the soul and culture of it’s products, it’s builders and it’s financiers of the new bitcoin and web3 phenomenon.

What is going on?

Bitcoin is back at it again and trying to suck in more money.The people in the pyramid need to make that money. They will throw in a couple million for a few billion. Sure, no problem.

They need to keep their affiliates in the game and our world enemies laughing; and raking in the money.

The Problem? The Country is out of suckers and energy.

Where does the Bitcoin disaster start?

It all starts with a sketchy origin in 2009. Similar to a bible story.

This amazing thing. A “new self calculating and secure miracle”, as they will tell you, came from the heavens through the grail of their savior “Satoshi Nakamoto.”

Satoshi is the so called bible writer and warrior of crypto where all rules to the game start and end.

He is the so called inventor.

Problem is nobody knows who or where it really came from.

Is it just a scam invented by China, Russia or separatists to humiliate and rob people?

A joke?

Well… yes; it looks that way.

We understand people can be wrong. Maybe Once, twice, 3 times maybe?

But where is the line between right to an extent and criminal?

Well we as a country just realized it is criminal.

Bitcoin – released in 2009 and still scamming the citizens.

If any American tried anything like this it would be sacrifice and prison. It has been 15 years of compulsive escalation. Bitcoin was further pushed after the last election like nobodies business.

Where does it come from? Who inspects the global currency used from drugs to a haircut? MIT does but of course. The world renowned used car dealership selling you open tickets to the next ride on Instagram daily.

MIT? Ya. That one.

Apparently, the Unites States, is just information sales leverage in their everyday business model up there in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Bitcoin, MIT and other stakeholders would be in prison already. So what are we waiting for? It’s not their first mistake either. I this one takes the cake.

Bitcoin has an unsolvable and unfix-able problem similar to “gold fever” where it possesses the individual into delusion and heads filled with propaganda, a form a brain washing.

Its criminal.

Push and push. Robbing, killing. Journalist deaths around the world and war at every step.

Till the suckers and countries run out of money.

It is not possible to believe. Not  to these people. The believers of bitcoin. That they could be wrong.

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? Nobody knows.

The stories are full of speculation, passed on lies and failed prophesies. Nobody with a brain to examine the code properly? Nobody with common sense?

It is a pure calculated thought imagination. But don’t tell them that.

Problem after problem. Bitcoin will tell you its an “experiment” and MIT fixes it, maintains it, checked everything, they are the smartest used car-salesmen in the world.

That is How it translates.

It is their pride and joy. And nobody will get in between that. It is a funnel to outside governments, countries, sanctions, a way to transmit words and intelligence, positions, without getting caught. Right?

They forgot to tell you some important facts though.

New Investigative Findings

With the mysterious and traumatizing pandemic came a new fast and hard push for crypto and bitcoin.

Catch the American public of guard. Exerted.

Drive inflation and energy use to the brink.

Perfectly time it with increased political forces at play and a new war on the way.

The money comes in but nobody knows where it goes.


With the latest collapse brings more scrutinizing.

Bitcoin = world failure.

Take a hard look at the energy correlation data at hand.

Bitcoin is a work of art. A work of art in the form of secretly causing inflation and energy use.

Mining, just one of many problems with bitcoin, is a requirement of this crypto and bitcoin. They can not wrap their heads around anything else working. It is not possible. N O – W A Y

But as bitcoin crashed this time so became electric availability. We have more…


Imagine the USA adding 1/2 the homes in the country to what we currently have. Imagine having to serve all that with the grids and sources of electricity.

Imagine adding an additional country to the world grid requirements.

Imagine the mining operations are hidden throughout the country and world.

Imagine them pumping oil, natural gas and electric prices through the roof.

You didn’t imagine it. You saw it.


Ever hear of it?

Bitcoin compounds and escalates food production costs, shipping, logistics, heating, cooling, electricity, medications, employee compensation, benefits, insurance, overhead and profit by design. MIT should know about profit and it definitely knows about this.

It is what they do for a living.

Electric costs. Driving up natural gas prices, oil, coal and nuclear use while making shortages all around. They have a solution every time.

Most miners now are making bills rise again and again as they default on millions of electric bills due. Guess who pay for that along with all your data?

Bitcoin Background Energy Reports

  1. Record high electricity rates are hitting Massachusetts residents this summer.
  2. Electric prices set to double in New Hampshire
  3. Texas electricity prices have risen 70 percent in last year—and it’s not even summer yet
  4. Bigger Shocks Are Coming With Your Electricity Bills
  5. Electricity Rates Increase 30% For Bitcoin Miners In Washington
  6. Bitcoin’s Intensive Energy Demands Are Sparking a Crypto Backlash
  7. New York State Senate Passes Bitcoin Mining Moratorium
  8. Argentina’s Customs Office Seizes $21M in Crypto Mining Equipment: Report
  9. China’s WeChat Blacklists Accounts Tied to Crypto, NFTs
  10. Iran to Shut Down Crypto Mining Farms As Energy Crisis Deepens
  11. Bitcoin mining company Compass Mining loses Maine facility for not paying electricity bill to building owner

It’s Crack. Crack Is Whack.

Just one of many terminal problems with crypto is that it is physically impossible to maintain it with costs of electricity and resources needed.

Impossible. It is a scheme way beyond ENRON.

But it is way different then 2008 right? Nope. Same story but different clothes.

It is a continuous drain. A passing and aggregated inflation to other sectors while robbing Peter to pay Paul.

A direct assault and several attacks on National Security as we know it.

What is the Bitcoin & MIT plan? Steal another technology… from someone else.

Replace bitcoins code and entire architectural structure. That is the plan. Which they are working on. Or trying anyway.

They want to change the entire product to something completely different while you don’t notice. Hopefully. It is a hope and dream for everyone involved that nobody goes to prison. (source withheld)

They should of went to prison a long time ago. So should have the people from the last crash of 2008 mortgage pump and dumps.

This is worse. People are dead. Journalists are dead. Children are dead.

Decentralization, Private, Anonymous and Peer to Peer

Bitcoin and crypto is not any of these things.

They spent nearly 12 years selling us on that while they basically are begging to be a bank now and regulated.

The product has no use case and is a botnet weapon.

Sure, after the disaster, and a decade of thefts, deaths, war financing, climate change and intelligence lost – ya lets believe these geniuses and their overseas informant/allies – ya let MIT fix it again with the 3rd party unknown contractors.

Nope. Sorry.  It does not work that way.

It is time to go.

The world is a worse place now directly and they will do anything to keep the scam moving and raking in money. No good has and ever will come from it. It will never help anyone.

Department Of Defense funded Report Released Last Week

A funded DOD report by the firm Trail of Bits also released similar findings.

In this research, it was confirmed in various situations that the “Bitcoin blockchain” immutability amongst other major issues is undermined not by exploiting cryptographic flaws but by manipulating the implementation, networking, or consensus protocol aspects of a Bitcoin blockchain.

A subset of a blockchain’s participants can exercise centralized, excessive power over the entire system.

There is no mechanism to establish a permission-less blockchain that is immune to malicious nodes in the absence of a TTP, and the vast majority of Bitcoin nodes have considerable incentives to operate dishonestly.

They updated the Nakamoto coefficient for multiple blockchains and presented a new metric for blockchain centrality based on the topological influence of nodes on consensus. A minority of network service providers, including Tor, are primarily responsible for routing bitcoin blockchain traffic.

All Bitcoin protocol traffic is unencrypted and hence vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks, which is especially worrying. In terms of both upstream dependencies and patching, software variety in “crypto” is a problematic issue.

Additionally, the Bitcoin protocol permits nodes to function as Tor hidden services. Tor is currently more popular than any other AS — or network provider — in Bitcoin, routing traffic for approximately 20% of Bitcoin nodes.

The second-largest AS is the German AS24940, which accounts for only 10 percent of nodes. As mentioned above, a rogue Tor exit node can change or drop traffic in a manner similar to an ISP.

Using a Sybil assault, a malicious actor thought to be from Russia gained control of up to 40 percent of Tor exit nodes over the past year. The attacker rewrote Bitcoin traffic with the nodes.

Other Bitcoin Findings

  1. Using a blockchain requires either (a) accepting its immutability and trusting its programmers, or (b) allowing upgradeable contracts or off-chain code, which share the same trust difficulties as a centralized system.
  2. Every commonly used blockchain has privileged actors that can manipulate its semantics to change prior transactions.
  3. Four Bitcoin, two Ethereum, and less than a dozen PoS networks can destabilize a blockchain.
  4. Most Bitcoin nodes don’t mine, and node operators suffer no penalty for dishonesty.
  5. Stratum, the main blockchain mining pool protocol, is unencrypted and unauthenticated.
  6. When nodes have an outdated or erroneous picture of the network, it decreases the hashrate needed for a normal 51% attack. Only mining pool nodes need to be degraded for this. For example, during the first half of 2021 the actual cost of a 51% attack on Bitcoin was closer to 49% of the hashrate.
  7. Sybil cost is needed for effective blockchain distribution. Sybil fees can’t be implemented in permission-less blockchains like Bitcoin or Ethereum without a trusted third party (TTP). Until a way to enforce Sybil fees without a TTP is found, permission-less blockchains won’t be decentralized enough.
  8. A dense, probably non-scale-free sub-network of Bitcoin nodes appears to attain consensus and communicate with miners—the vast majority of nodes do not meaningfully contribute to network health.
  9. Bitcoin traffic is unencrypted, thus any third party (ISPs, Wi-Fi access point providers, or governments) can observe and drop messages.
  10. 60% of Bitcoin traffic uses three ISPs.
  11. Tor is Bitcoin’s largest network provider, routing traffic for half the nodes. Half of these nodes are reachable through Tor and onion addresses. AS24940 from Germany is the second largest, with 10% of nodes.
  12. Malicious Tor exit nodes can drop or manipulate traffic like ISPs.
  13. In June 2021, 21% of Bitcoin’s nodes were running an outdated version of the Bitcoin Core software.
  14. The Ethereum ecosystem reuses code extensively. 90% of Ethereum smart contracts are at least 56% alike.
  15. You can be tracked and identified or located.

What happens now?

As the story enters it’s next chapter the public it should not participate and stay clear. Report ALL fraud, losses and events to the authorities. Report it to your insurance carriers in the form of a cyber attack or other applicable coverage at minimum.

Seek restitution and or search for possible class action suits.

What is it?

The so called crypto commodity is not a commodity. A commodity runs out like air. This is replaceable with another machine. It does not use air, mass, a constant solution or the meta-verse for that matter. It relies as a sole on the bot net machines.

It is what it is. It is Nothing.

Use more advanced and realistic legitimate companies. Follow a proven thought process and ask to see physical locations or other strengthening credentials beyond anything to do with the “current bitcoin, crypto and or BSV type entities.

Do your research. I know. Easier said then done when you see MIT involved you would think your golden.


Make sure you understand the environment, electric draw and sources of electricity, demand examined time to review documented and insurance protocols in place. Every crypto and web3 company selling right now doesn’t. Even if they track ESG for you supposedly.

Everything you see is not decentralized as they do not have the intellectual property or asset right to accomplish this. Decentralized is a dollar bill in your pocket or something you hold only for trade as well that is proof of ownership. Even if the lights go out.

Once all servers are not paid they all go off. Blockchain or no blockchain. Crypto or not crypto. NFT or no NFT. Very few know how to accomplish such feats and this technology and bitcoin is not one of them.

“Crypto” in this form is not the new digital money.

The POW, POS or NFT (Proof Of Work, Proof Of Stake, Non-Fungible Tokens) as you are told and know… it is not reality.

They do not offer a POW, POS, or NFT solution that is innovative and cryptographic like companies are building. These require effort and peoples innovation for which they lack. You cant steal it.

You need real underlying cryptographic networks with random change attributes at the least and unresolved layers backup’d with immutability in place while not increasing environmental, economic and energy inflation.

If they do change….. You should be very worried due to violations of protected intellectual property they do not have and are in a a mode of  straight desperation. If they didn’t get it right the first 20 times and the motive is money then you have a problem.

Look out for illegitimate and politically government funded energy reports from people claiming to be unaffiliated with bitcoin or completely false sales tactics and more. Be paranoid.

Even worse… if you try to bring the truth to light? you will face stalkers, people in your house, people in your computers and health records, death, and or your business wiped out and intellectual property stolen.

So think twice what you contribute too. Some guy with a lot of money and people that do not know any better. Do not enable it. Educate it.

Be careful out there folks. Hopefully action will be taken by government to seize funds and start a reserve for restitution to the damaged parties. Hopefully it will clamp down on the funnel overseas and save energy resources for people that need it.

*Short Version Documentary Brief. Sources upon legal requests. Part of a series of brief documentaries.

cover photo By miomio13

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