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Despite being sworn into office as vice president nearly two months ago, Kamala Harris and her husband, Georgetown Law professor Douglas Emhoff, await the cessation of renovations at their private residency requested by the U.S. Government via contracts. Administration officials are unsure as to why construction is taking an unprecedented long time but sources have reported that Harris is evidently distraught and frustrated as each passing day fails to invite her into the safe guarded mansion two-and-a-half miles away from the White House. The couple is currently temporarily residing at Blair House; the President’s guest quarters.

Although the reason for the delay is unknown, government contracts have revealed that the 9,000-plus square foot mansion built in 1893 has been needing tremendous upkeep including intensive foundational maintenance. In September 2020, a replaced tank system held a price tag of $164,000 alongside a $3.8 million dollar budget for plumbing, heating, and air-conditioning. Current contracts contain some records but do not address the rationality as to why the vice president still does not inhabit the home. Contractors, architectures, engineers, and construction employees are now being questioned in regards to their pace of work.

Naval staff typically requests a few weeks to conduct repairs and upgrades, making it therefore standard for residents to not move in immediately after being inaugurated. However no set move-in date has yet been announced for Harris.

The Blair House lacks the element of comfort that Harris seeks. Although embedded with luxury and American History, vice president Kamala Harris has stated that she prefers more informal, modern, and minimalist accommodations rather than the 100 room guest house with a gym, hair salon, antiques, and a heated pool. The Blair House has been previously deemed as, “the world’s most exclusive hotel.” . Besides the replacing of seven chimney liners, sources state but not confirmed by the Bylt Team, Harris requested work to be done to the kitchen as she has actively voiced her passion for cooking. As we know kitchen appliances can be an issue. Fresh paint, rugs, and different artwork mirroring the aesthetic of the refreshed Oval Office has been scheduled to occur in the vice president’s official home.



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