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Oshkosh Corp Advancing Construction Industry Fleets, Material Conveyance With Robotics, Autonomy, & Telematics


Oshkosh, Wisconsin – Oshkosh Corporation (NYSE: OSK), a market leader in mission-critical vehicles and essential equipment, and Carnegie Foundry, a Pittsburgh-based robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) venture studio, announced today a strategic partnership and an investment by Oshkosh Corporation in Carnegie Foundry to accelerate innovation in autonomy and robotics.

Carnegie Foundry has an established relationship with Carnegie Mellon University’s National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC), the world leader in autonomous robotics and artificial intelligence.

The new partnership will build on this foundation and complement Oshkosh’s ongoing work in autonomous vehicles and equipment, bringing significant benefits to the millions of people who perform critical work on a daily basis, including the nation’s soldiers, firefighters, and first responders, as well as environmental service, refuse collection, and construction workers.

“The Carnegie Foundry team is comprised of industry leaders with outstanding expertise in autonomy,” said John Pfeifer, Oshkosh Corporation President and Chief Executive Officer. “For years Oshkosh has been developing autonomous technology that delivers greater productivity while reducing total cost of ownership for our customers. Oshkosh’s strategic investment in Carnegie Foundry will put our customers at the forefront of emerging innovation and technology in the robotics and autonomy space.”

“We are very excited to partner with Oshkosh Corporation as we bring autonomy, robotics and AI innovations to market,” said Carnegie Foundry Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Robert J. Szczerba. “Industrial-scale innovations require specialized experience, a deep understanding of these unique markets and a long-term approach. It’s our good fortune that we found investment, aligned mindsets and large-scale industrial specialization with our partners at Oshkosh Corporation.”

A representative of Oshkosh Corporation will join the Carnegie Foundry Board of Directors as part of the strategic partnership.

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Advanced Telematics Systems Of The Future

Oshkosh proprietary telematics systems gather raw data from connected products worldwide, providing machine learning algorithms and data science teams with the information necessary to provide actionable intelligence to customers.

By enabling and analyzing digital communications to and from vehicles users gain insight into equipment health, utilization, and fleet management that owners and operators can use to maintain equipment health, optimize utilization, and simplify fleet management.

Oshkosh Corporation and Silvi

Silvi Group, a long-standing customer and market leader in the concrete industry, approached Oshkosh to gain new insights into their fleet operations.

Oshkosh Corporation and Silvi collaborated to identify new data collection methods for job site operations by outfitting 45 S-Series front discharge concrete mixers with a telematics package that provided visibility into each job’s phases and previously unavailable data. Most significantly, the new telematics solution enabled Silvi to capture and integrate critical truck status data with their existing systems automatically and seamlessly.

Today the firms are investigating additional technologies that enable us to tap into new data streams and unearth insights that improve operational efficiency and lower total cost of ownership.

Augmented Reality

Oshkosh Corporation has been on the lookout for new ways to assist it’s customers in getting the most out equipment and operations. It’s latest innovations in augmented reality (AR) enable customers to quickly solve real-world problems.
They provide customers with augmented reality solutions that assist them in effectively managing job sites by providing detailed information about vehicles and equipment that they can use to identify—and resolve—a variety of on-site challenges by visualizing a more secure and productive work environment.

JLG, A Oshkosh Subsidiary

JLG set out to simplify the job site with the JLG Augmented Reality App, which leverages augmented reality technology to assist customers in maintaining a safe and productive work environment.

The Machine Visualization tool enables operators to move virtual machines around the job site.
They are assisted in performing maintenance by the Annual Inspection Assistance tool.


Additionally, the Assistant Kit Visualization tool enables users to virtually attach or accessorize machines.
The augmented reality app makes use of connected JLG equipment to collect and display the data that construction professionals require for accurate project planning and equipment management.

Subsidiaries Of Oshkosh

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