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Employment & Job Indicators Released – AEC & Manufacturing Carry Job Gains

United States Of America – The unemployment rate fell to 3.5 percent in July, with 5.7 million people out of work. Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 528,000.

In July, the number of long-term unemployed dropped to 1.2 million, which is 129,000 fewer than it was in February 2020.

There were 791,000 temporary layoffs in July, unchanged from the previous month.

Since reaching a low in April 2020, total nonfarm employment has increased by 22.0 million and returned to its pre-pandemic level. Employment in the private sector is 629 thousand greater than it was in February 2020, however certain industries have yet to recover.

Government employment is 597,000 fewer than it was prior to the epidemic.

The number of people employed in professional and business services increased by 89,000 in July.
Management of companies and enterprises (+3000), architectural and engineering services (+3000), management and technical consulting services (+12,000), and scientific research and development services (+10,000) all saw increases in employment.

The employment rate in professional and business services has increased by 986,000 since February 2020.

Construction employment increased by 32,000 in July, with specialty trade contractors adding 22,000 positions.

Construction employment has increased by 82,000 since February 2020.

In July, manufacturing employment increased by 30 000. Employment in industries producing durable goods increased by 21,000, with gains in semiconductors and electronic components (+4,000) and other durable goods (+4,000). Employment in manufacturing is 41,000 higher than its level in February 2020.

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Line Item
Construction of buildings1,707.91,715.77.8
Residential building898.8901.72.9
Nonresidential building809.1814.04.9
Heavy and civil engineering construction1,078.21,081.33.1
Specialty trade contractors4,887.84,909.321.5
Residential specialty trade contractors2,256.02,267.211.2
Nonresidential specialty trade contractors2,631.82,642.110.3
Mining and logging6286357
Oil and gas extraction140.0142.22.2
Mining, except oil and gas180.1180.70.6
Coal mining38.338.70.4
Metal ore mining43.142.9-0.2
Nonmetallic mineral mining and quarrying98.799.10.4
Support activities for mining263.2267.64.4
Durable goods7,9357,95621
Wood products431.6431.80.2
Nonmetallic mineral products411.8412.81.0
Primary metals360.9363.02.1
Fabricated metal products1,435.41,439.64.2
Building material and garden supply stores1,393.81,395.61.8
Architectural and engineering services1,631.21,643.712.5
Management and technical consulting services1,755.31,767.111.8
Scientific research and development services885.7895.39.6
Services to buildings and dwellings2,186.92,191.34.4
Repair and maintenance1,422.01,422.10.1
Waste management and remediation services474.8477.32.5
Administrative and waste services9,479.128.9
NOTE: Data have been revised to reflect March 2021 benchmark levels and updated seasonal adjustment factors. Preliminary
Source BLS



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