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The Lollapalooza Of The Geo-Spatial World To Feature Non-Stop Events in Denver This February 6-8th


Denver, Colorado – Geo-Spatial enthusiasts, experts, and exhibitors will be at Geo Week 2022 to showcase new and emerging technology, improved possibilities, and effective outcomes while Denver opens its door to limitless freedom between the built environment and its professionals.

Partnerships including the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing and the U.S. Institute of Building Documentation will host their annual conferences and symposiums during Geo Week in an effort for individuals to recognize the powerful convergence of technologies. Education in regard to technology integration and resources is directed towards experts in the industries of AEC, Asset & Facility Management, Disaster & Emergency Response, Earth Observation & Satellite Applications, Energy & Utilities, Infrastructure & Transportation, Land & Natural Resource Management, Mining & Aggregates, Surveying & Mapping, and Urban Planning/Smart Cities.

The progression and advancement of International Lidar Mapping Forum will proudly be discussed at Geo Week alongside the SPAR 3D Expo & Conference as well as the AEC Next. Combined conference programs and tradeshow floor will uncover the newest generation of digital technology through featured usage of commercial applications of 3D technologies, case studies in the built environment, advanced airborne and terrestrial remote sensing solutions, and smart products.

lidar point cloud infrastructure
A Lidar Survey Map With Surface and Subsurface Infrastructure Elevation Data Layers Shown

The International Lidar Mapping Forum audience has historically been composed of surveying and mapping professionals who utilize airborne and terrestrial lidar in addition to remote sensing technologies. Professionals in architecture, engineering, and construction assembled the AEC Next audience. Individuals in these specialties ordinarily used technologies such as reality capture, automatic, and other innovations which would improve workflow. The AEC Next conference was first successfully launched in 2018.

As for SPAR 3D, attending individuals are often skilled in the aspect of employing 3D capture, scanning, visualization, and modeling technologies. For 20 years, SPAR 3D has been the leading international event for the 3D technology industry.

Workshops will be available and offered as add-on items within registration. Hosted by Applanix, ASPRS, and USIBD, training sessions include “Best practices for high-precision UAV mapping using Lidar/Camera payloads,” “Aerial Triangulation and Data Processing for the Unmanned Aerial System,” “Fundamentals of Image Analysis in Google Earth Engine,” “Preparation for ASPRS Certification,” “Airborne Top,” “Machine and Deep Learning Image Classification using ArcGIS Pro,” along with Level of Accuracy training and certification and several other seminars. Vendor-neutral conference programs will cover the best practices in 3D capture, how to develop new workflows to map the built environment, figuring out what to do with 3D data, learning about advances in bathymetric lidar, discovering what is possible with aerial lidar, gaining the most ROI from BIM, and learning how to plug into smart cities.

1 AXIS GeoSpatial LLC 4
Credit: Axis GeoSpatial LLC

The American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) has been established as a scientific association with a mission of advancing knowledge and vastly improving the understanding of mapping sciences to promote applications of photogrammetry, remote sensing, geographic information systems, and supporting technology. Presentations, panel discussions, and a poster gallery will cover the topics of:

  • Geospatial Market Opportunities Leveraging Remote Sensing Products and Services
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Geospatial Industry
  • Evolving National and International Standards Involving Reference Frames, Positional Accuracy, Thematic Accuracy, and Data Quality
  • Positional and Thematic Accuracy Standards
  • New Airborne and Spaceborne Sensors and Data Products
  • Remote Sensing Data Sharing and Processing in the Cloud

Additional sessions held by the ASPRS will consist of 15-minute oral presentations highlighting innovative approaches to acquisition of remote sensing and geospatial data, practical applications of remote sensing and geospatial data, remote sensing data management and processing, and decision-making based on remote sensing and geospatial data at the local, state, and federal level.

The ASPRS workshop program offers six 4-hour workshops taught by experienced instructors in the topics of: acquisition and processing of imagery and lidar with unmanned aerial system, imagery analysis using object-based, machine learning, and deep learning on the desktop and in the Cloud, review for ASPRS certification examinations in photogrammetry, GIS, remote sensing, Lidar, and UAS, principles and applications of airborne bathymetric lidar, evolving national standards for datum modernization and high-resolution elevation data.

ASPRS will also be awarding thousands of dollars to their Award and Scholarship recipients during the Geo Week Award Ceremony on Monday, February 7th.

The U.S. Institute of Building Documentation or the USIBD, is the first U.S. membership organization to direct its focus on the Building Documentation Industry. Attendees of the USIBD’s Symposium will gain insight into design and construction integration of reality capture, BIM and beyond, hard core reality capture, automation, reality capture hardware solutions, data integration, building documentation workflows and best practices, the business of reality capture, mobile SLAM, and the future of reality capture. Additional training and workshops will include the USIBD’s Level of Accuracy Specification Training and Certification, Scanner Shoot-out, and the USIBD’s soon to be released Imagery Data Exchange.

Keynote presentations on February 6, 2022 feature Alan Campbell and Amy Peck who will discuss the intersection of technology and rethinking collaboration and communication using VR. Tara O’Shea, Michael Zanetti, Chris Fisher, Salla Eckhardt, and Richard Kerris take on February 7th with presentations regarding emerging environmental applications across earth and beyond and defining the digital building lifecycle in the context of innovation. Geo Week wraps up on February 8th with Kevin Gallagher talking about the past, present and future of the 3D elevation program.

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