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ALERT: Heat Wave To Create Construction Safety Concerns, Delays, Supply Chain & Manufacturing Disruptions

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United States Of America- Alerts are showing signs of weakness directed at U.S.A’s timber country and the West and Northwest regions of the country this upcoming week. Forecasts are expected to see temperatures reach record levels that are unheard of for the region.

Excessive heat warnings are now in place for Oregon, Washington, northern California, and Idaho. The heat wave, expected to last a week or more, is on top of one of the most active wildfire years and excessive droughts the U.S. has dealt with. Temperatures could near 115 degrees with Portland expecting to see 109 degrees starting on Sunday.


Construction safety will be a top priority as well as its counterparts in labor intensive manufacturing and production segments. The weather will also be unbearable and out right life threatening for machine and equipment operators as most equipment is not air conditioned. Construction sites and tasks with and in primarily confined unconditioned spaces should be halted and postponed.

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Lumber mills, manufacturing plants and production facilities will also be at risk of shutting down for safety, loss of power, and lack of proper infrastructure to support such temperatures and the resources needed. Power grids are expected to be pushed to the max and precautions should be made in advance along with scheduling fall backs including rail and road freight delays of shipments.

Current Concentrations Of Wildfires And Smoke Areas

Current Wild Fires And Smoke Areas

This story will be updated as in unfolds



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