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India Instability Events On A Rapid Rise From Corruption & Political Backlash

A Indian worker prepares for explosive works during construction

New Delhi, India –  India has seen several upticks in corruption and political instability the more 2022 has progressed. With disturbing rampant corruption surfacing throughout the region many reports are occurring involving police and governmental arrests. Other events occurring in the region stem from rapid political stance changes ranging from fast tracking military enrollment changes, support for Russian markets including oil and increased scrutiny on Muslim citizens and dissidents. Political instability and rapid deployment of investments ranging from technology to commodities are increasing the risk and security of doing business with the country.

India Reporting

  1. Punjab Police nab 45 officials, 3 leaders via helpline against corruption in 3 months
  2. ED allows Sachin Vaze to become approver against Anil Deshmukh in corruption case
  3. Indian officials demolish several houses after protests over anti-Islam remarks

  4. India cancels train services amid army recruitment protests


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India commodity markets are appearing more and more risk enabled. The past 3 years the country has seen strong violence at mining and processing facilities from strike, murder and corruption. A sale posting from Vedanta over the closed copper facility that was shuttered following the deaths of 13 protesters is just one of many recent disasters throughout the industries in the country. The country has lost thousands of lives through worker deaths over the past few years and similar events as seen at the Vedanta facility.


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