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INVITATION TO BID #2022-ITB-067 Title: DPW Fitness

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Legal Notices

Legal Notices

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INVITATION TO BID #2022-ITB-067 Title: DPW Fitness Equipment 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Summary Separate sealed bids will be received online by the Office of the City Controller for the City of Scranton(“City”) via the City’s e-Procurement Portal until Wednesday, March 8, 2023 at 10:00am at which time they will be read aloud in City Hall Chambers by the Business Administrator (Or his Designee) located on the 2nd Floor in City Hall for the following and made available for public viewing at citytv570 for the following: CITY OF SCRANTON DPW Fitness Equipment All bids shall be in accordance with the specifications which may be obtained from the City’s e-Procurement Portal at If you intend to submit a Bid, you shall register on the City’s e-Procurement Portal. Once registered, Companies may view and click “Follow” to be a prospective Bidder for this solicitation and will appear on the Follower’s list. Bidders that fail to Follow this project will not receive automatic addenda notifications, nor will they be able to draft a response in the City’s e-Procurement Portal, and therefore will be unable to participate or be considered for this ITB. Each bidder shall submit a cashier’s check, certified check, and/or bid bond in the amount of $500.00, as a guarantee to keep its offer open until the City accepts or reject same and as to the successful bidder until the required surety bond is furnished. The successful bidder, within ten (10) days of the notification of the award shall be required to furnish a surety bond in the amount of $1,000.00 of the contract price as a guarantee to furnish services as specified. The contract shall be awarded to the lowest, most responsible bidder; however, the City reserves the right to reject any or all bids of any bids submitted. All bid documents and supplementary document must be uploaded and submitted using the City’s e-Procurement Portal prior to 10:00 am on Wednesday, March 8, 2023, as instructed in this solicitation. Once file(s) have been uploaded and the Submission Status shows as “Submitted” the submission is complete. At that point, the Respondent representative who is registered with the City will receive an email confirmation from the City’s e-Procurement Portal. All bids must be accompanied by signed affirmative action, non-segregated facilities, non-collusion affidavit and disclosure forms. All communications regarding this ITB, product related questions and request for clarifications, change, exceptions, and deviations to the terms and conditions set forth in this ITB shall be submitted via “Q&A” through the City’s e-Procurement Portal, before the deadline of 2:00 pm on Friday, March 3, 2023 and according to these specifications herein. If a Respondent encounters any technical difficulties utilizing the City’s e-Procurement Portal, a representative may contact, OpenGov, the Software Administrator, using the real-time chat function on the website (located in lower right-hand corner of the screen), or via email at It is still the Respondent’s responsibility to ensure that their response is submitted before the deadline. Lawrence D. West Business Administrator




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