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Invitation To Bid

INVITATION TO RESPOND The City of Hartford (the City) invites responses for:RFR #: 5977RSOLICITATION DATE: July 7, 2021SOLICITATION TITLE: Traffic Control Signals and Intersection Improvements – Phase II SOLICITATION DESCRIPTION: The City of Hartford is soliciting bids for the Traffic Control Signals and Intersection Improvements – Phase II State Project No. 63-718, Federal Aid Project No. 1063(148). This project includes a Base Bid and four Bid Alternates. State Project No. 63-718/Federal Aid Project No. 1063(148), Traffic Control Signals and Intersection Improvements – Phase II includes the complete replacement or modification of traffic control signal equipment at seven (7) signalized intersections in the City of Hartford. This includes the following intersections: Wethersfield Avenue at Brown Street and Airport Road; Wethersfield Avenue at Main Street and Wyllys Street; Washington Street at Retreat Avenue and Vernon Street; Market Street at Trumbull Street and I-91 Ramps; Market Street at North Morgan Street and I-84 Ramps; Market Street at South Morgan Street and Parking Garage Exit; Columbus Boulevard at State Street and Route 2.The four (4) Bid Alternate intersections include the following: West Boulevard at Sisson Avenue and I-84 Ramps; Washington Street at Webster Street/New Britain Avenue/Barnard Street; Market Street at Pleasant Street; Main Street at Morgan Street South and Chapel Street South.The project includes installing new traffic control signal equipment; installation of pavement markings and signs; mast arms, new handicapped ramps, and where necessary, minor storm drainage modifications to accommodate pedestrian ramps.SITE LOCATION (if applicable): Various IntersectionsRESPONSE DATE: August 4, 2021RESPONSE TIME: 2:00 p.m.DEPT. ASSIGNED CONTRACT #:21-04EST. COST OF CONSTRUCTION: $3,000,000 – $6,000,000SPECIAL NOTES• A 9% DBE goal for ConnDOT certified firms is applicable to this project. The bidder must indicate with their Bid, the DBE firm(s) it intends to utilize and submit the Pre-Award DBE Commitment Approval Request Forms with the bid.• A 10% bid bond is required for this project.• Bid will be publically opened and read aloud at this time of the bid deadline.• The City reserve the right to reject any and all bids.Companies interested in doing business with the City are able to register and maintain their registration via the Internet at: (click on current solicitations and bid opportunities)

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