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Invitation To Bid

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(Classified Legal Advertisement w/sub bids) Notice to Contractors Commonwealth of Massachusetts University of Massachusetts Sealed proposals submitted on a form furnished by the University of Massachusetts and clearly identified as a Bid, endorsed with name and address of the Bidder, the Project and Contract number will be received from: Filed Sub-Bidders before 12:00 p.m. on: 04/07/2022 General Bidders before 2:00 p.m. on: 04/14/2022 All Sub-Bidders must be certified by DCAM for the category of work for no less than the filed sub bid price and must submit with their bid, a valid DCAM Certificate of Eligibility of Sub Bidders in the trade for which they are bidding, along with a valid DCAM Update Statement. Every General Bidder must submit with their bid a Certificate of Eligibility available from DCAM along with an Update statement before the bid may be considered. Contractor: General Building Construction Estimate: $2,010,000.00 Project No: 1014231 Contract No: UMA22-15 Title: Hampden DC, Roof Replacement The work shall be completed on or before 12/16/2022 from the Notice to Proceed and in general the Project includes: abatement, demolition of existing roofing, installation of new roof, related roof drains & flashing, and accessible single user bathroom. Pre-bid meeting will be March 29, 2022 at 10 AM, ARGO Tea, Hampden DC South side of Building, 131 Southwest Circle, Amherst, MA. Bids will be received on the on the BidDocs Online website at: no later than the time and date specified. Any bid submitted to the BidDocs Online website at: https://www.biddocson after the date and time specified will not be considered. Minimum rates of wages to be paid on the project have been determined by the Commissioner of Labor & Workforce Development under the provisions of Sections 26 & 27, Chapter 149 of the General Laws. Wages rates are listed in the contract form portion of the specification book. Each General Bid proposal must be secured by an accompanying deposit of 5% of the total bid. Deposits shall be in the form of a BID BOND, TREASURER’S or CASHIER’S CHECK payable to the University of Massachusetts. Deposits shall be returned in accordance with the law. SECTION Electrical Work Masonry Painting Plumbing Roofing & Flashing SUB-TRADES 260000 040001 090007 220000 070002 ALL BID DEPOSITS $ (5% of BID AMOUNT) SUB-BIDS SUBMITTED UNDER CHAPTER 149, SECTION 44F, WHICH ARE RESTRICTED TO THE U.S. BY ONE CONTRACTOR, WHICH ARE DEEMED TO BE UNREALISTIC IN THAT THE PRICE PROPOSED IS, IN THE JUDGEMENT OF THIS AWARDING AUTHORITY, SUBSTANTIALLY LESS OR MORE THAN THE ACTUAL COST TO COMPLETE ALL OF THE WORK SPECIFIED IN THAT SECTION OF THE SPECIFICATIONS WILL BE CONSIDERED AS NOT RESPONSIVE TO THE INVITATION TO BID AND SHALL BE REJECTED. (DEPARTMENT OF LABOR & WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT RULING #136 & #169). All bids for this project are subject to the provisions of either or both Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 30, Section 39M as amended and Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 149, Sections 44A 44I inclusive. The Awarding Authority reserves the right to waive any informalities in or to reject any and all bids if it be in the public interest to do so. Bidding documents are available on BidDocs Online website: Designer: Miller Dyer Spears (MDS)



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