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2/13, 2/14/2023 7378770 RFQ INVITATION No. 2023-1FEBRUARY 13, 2023 & FEBRUARY 14, 2023 Sealed Statements of Qualification will be received at the office of the Executive Director of The Mattabassett District Water Pollution Control Facility, Cromwell, Connecticut, until 2:00 PM on Friday, March 24, 2023, for: ON-CALL ENGINEERING AND RELATED SERVICES Forms, contract terms, and specifications are available at The Mattabassett District’s offices, 245 Main Street, Cromwell, Connecticut, and are also available electronically on the District website at Interested Firms shall timely register with the District to receive any further communications or addenda. All prospective candidates/Applicants should continue to monitor the District website for any changes in the RFQ. Simple ministerial procedural Questions regarding this Request may be directed to Mrs. Kimberly Pierpont, Office Supervisor at 860-635-5550, extension 200. NO SUBSTANTIVE OR FORMAL QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED BY ORAL COMMUNICATION.The Mattabassett District and its Board of Directors reserve the right to reject any or all Qualification Statements, partially or in entirety; to reject any or all proposals in whole or in part; to accept any Qualification Statement, all in the District’s sole discretion, and to withdraw or cancel this invitation to submit a response to this Request for Qualifications, at any time before or after the Qualification Statements are opened and proposals received. Qualification Statements will not be received after the stated due date and time. Qualification Statements cannot be faxed or sent by email. Qualification Statements and proposals sent by fax or by email will not be considered. Submittal of a Statement of Qualification or proposal does not ensure that the firm will be selected or contracted to perform any Services.By order of The Mattabassett DistrictArthur G. Simonian, P.E.Executive Director




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