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KEWAZO, A Robotics Startup, Is Lifting The Scaffolding Industry – “Liftbot” Boosts Productivity & Site Safety

Munchen, Germany – Kewazo, a German startup, is literally lifting the scaffolding industry to new heights. The fresh product just landed a cool $5M for advancement. Good news for the industry as its fresh digitized dashboard and insights will be a hit on sites everywhere soon shortly.

Construction has seen an era shift that has been moving rapidly this year and everyday we are reading about more and more great products finally coming to fruition. Exciting times for the industry! Lets look at what LIFTBOT is all about courtesy of …

Data Analytics and Digital Twin

LIFTBOT is equipped with multiple sensors that transmit real-time data about the status of the project to the KEWAZO Onsite Platform. Machine Learning algorithms analyze accumulated data in order to provide automated project planning and resource utilization that is cost effective.

Predictive Analytics

Sensor data provides visibility into the robotic system’s status and remote customer support service. Predictive analytics enables the reduction of downtime and breakdowns while optimizing maintenance costs and customer experience.

Autonomous Navigation and Control

LIFTBOT is autonomously sent to its predetermined destination via one-touch technology, where materials are (un-) loaded before it returns to the ground location. Workers can perform other tasks while LIFTBOT operates, rather than constantly pressing buttons to control lifts and hoists manually.

With minimum setup time and maximum flexibility LIFTBOT can be installed in less than 20 minutes with minimal space requirements and operates entirely wirelessly: via remote control and batteries.

Some Facts Per KEWAZO

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-Improving worker welfare and safety
LIFTBOT eliminates hazardous transport activities, resulting in more secure and humane working conditions.

-Reduces labor costs by up to 44%. LIFTBOT has demonstrated that it can save between 20% and 44% of labor costs in over 28 construction projects and tests.

-Automation streamlines several steps in scaffolding assembly: with just 2-3 scaffolders and a LIFTBOT, different types of scaffolding can be assembled.

-Automation streamlines several steps in scaffolding assembly: with just 2-3 scaffolders and a LIFTBOT, different types of scaffolding can be assembled.

-Maximum configuration flexibility
LIFTBOT can be installed in as little as 20 minutes and requires very little space.


Delivering data in real time LIFTBOT’s data analytics platform provides visibility into on-site operations, assisting customers with project management and operation optimization.

LIFTBOT is the only company in the industry that collects operational data and makes it available to end users via a data analytics platform, enabling more proactive management of both individual projects and entire businesses.
Real-time project performance tracking provides construction managers and business owners with complete visibility into on-site operations.

Digital Workers

Introduce yourself to your new digital coworker. LIFTBOT is a data-driven robotic hoist system. In scaffolding, the solution addresses labor shortages, saves up to 44% on labor costs, and enhances employee working conditions. The robotic system can be installed in less than 20 minutes with minimal space requirements; it is completely wireless and self-contained.

The KEWAZO Team!

KEWAZO was founded in 2018 with the goal of utilizing robotics and data analytics to digitize on-site construction operations. The founding team brings together expertise and experience in construction robotics, civil engineering, software development, and business.

Co-Founders (l.t.r.): Alimzhan Rakhmatulin, Sebastian Weitzel, Eirini Psallida, Ekaterina Grib, Leonidas Pozikidis, Artem Kuchukov -courtesy

Today, KEWAZO is a market leader in the industry, offering innovative new products and employing more than 20 people. The company is brimming with vitality and a genuine concern for working conditions and worker safety.
The company’s vision is to work “closely with customers, manufacturing partners and industry experts to digitize construction sites and improve the working conditions for millions of construction workers across the globe.”




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