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Lane Construction Corp & Webuild To Construct $16 Billion High Speed Rail Between Houston And Dallas


On June 15, 2021, company partners The Lane Construction Corporation and Webuild Group, signed a $16 billion agreement for the construction of a high-speed railway operating from Dallas to Houston, TX. This project is deemed to be one of the largest infrastructure investments in the United States as well as the first high-speed railway service in the nation.

            The proposal promises reliable and environmentally conscious transit in addition to thousands of jobs which would inevitably boost the economy.

            Mark Schiller, President and CEO of The Lane Construction Corporation emphasizes his excitement for the historical plan. Schiller states, “we are enthusiastic to bring 130 years of experience to the table as the contractor of choice to build it.” CEO of Webuild Group, Pietro Salini, shared similar eagerness in regards to the railway. “Being part of such a challenging project as leader of the design and construction of the railway is a unique experience that we are extremely proud of,” Salini says.

            The railway track is set to run approximately 236 miles. Modeled after the Central Japan Railway’s Tokaido Shinkansen system, the high-speed railway will function at a speed of up to 200 mph, allowing travelers to arrive at either destination in fewer than 90 minutes. A single stop occurs at Brazos Valley nearby Texas A&M University.

            Departures are anticipated to be every 30 minutes during peak hours and every hour during off-peak hours. It is speculated that the railway will transport over 400,000 individuals each day, aiding in greenhouse gas emission reduction by 101,000 tons per year. Estimates suggest that by 2050, 13 million people will utilize the train.

            High-speed railways are incredibly popular throughout Europe and Asia considering that the commute is the most reliable method of mass transportation in the world. Japan’s Shinkansen High-Speed Train System has been in service for over 50 years with no record of crashes or injuries due to train accidents. In 2016, Texas witnessed 3,773 fatalities on texan roads specifically on I-45 which connects North Texas and Houston.

            The project is expected to produce a $36 billion economic boost over the next 25 years in addition to the creation of 17,000 temporary jobs during the six years of construction and more than 1,500 permanent jobs when the railway service is fully functional.

            Over $7.3 billion worth of material from 37 state suppliers in the U.S. will be utilized during construction.

            The Lane Construction Corporation is America’s leading construction company which specializes in complicated civil infrastructure. With 130 years in the business, Lane has contributed to the founding of the Interstate Highway, C-43 West Basin Storage Reservoir In Florida, I-10 Corridor Express Lane in California, the Anacostia River Tunnel in Washington D.C., the I-395 Express Lanes Extension in Virginia, and the Unionport Bridge Replacement in the Bronx, New York. Lane has also worked on networks of roads, bridges, airports, metros, tunneling, water resources, and railways.

Webuild Group was manifested with a centralized focus of constructing large projects for sustainable mobility, clean hydro energy and water, and green buildings. Since 2018, the group remains ranked among the top 10 in the environment and leadership in sustainable mobility sectors. Webuild’s expertise was involved in projects including the M4 metro line in Milan, the Grand Paris Express, Cityringen in Copenhagen, Sydney Metro Northwest, Red Line North Underground in Doha, and Line 3 of the Riyadh Metro in Italy.

The Lane Construction Corporation and Webuild Group are known for engineering and establishing miles of rail and metro tracks in the United States such as the Central Subway tunnels in San Francisco, California and the LYNX Blue Line Extension in Charlotte, North Carolina. The companies are working together to further improve rail networks across Europe, specifically the Brenner Base Tunnel underneath the Alps and the Terzo Valico dei Giovi railway between Genoa and Milan.


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