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Legal Notice # 21645376 Prospective Bidder Request A

Legal Notice # 21645376
Prospective Bidder Request
A not-for-profit organization in Oceanside, NY is seeking interested resources to provide bids for sales and installation of components and equipment to enhance our security systems. These include closed-circuit television systems, access control entry systems, barriers/bollards and enhanced bullet resistant glass.

Selection of providers in each category will be based on demonstrated knowledge of each of the above noted components and their integration in a security system framework. Additionally, relevant prior experience, problem resolution expertise, adherence to projected work schedules and agreed upon budgets/cost and references will play a critical role in the evaluation process.

Next steps/specifications and requisite documentation can be obtained by contacting us by phone at (516)766-6809 ext. 101 or via email at with your company name and point of contact.

Responses will be accepted and next steps provided until May 15, 2021. Work is to commence by July 1, 2021 and completed by September 1, 2021.

All information will remain confidential.

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