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Legal Notice # 21666612 NOTICE TO BIDDERS: BID 881-21

Legal Notice # 21666612
NOTICE TO BIDDERS: BID 881-21 Contract# 18197 DRAINAGE IMPROVEMENTS ALBANY AVENUE RESURFACING, VILLAGE OF LINDENHURST. Sealed bids for ALBANY AVENUE, Village of Lindenhurst , New York will be received by the Village of Lindenhurst at 430 South Wellwood Avenue, Lindenhurst, NY 11757 until 10 A.M ., August 5, 2021 when they will be publicly opened and read. Each bid must be prepared and submitted in accordance with the Instructions to Bidders and must be accompanied by BID SECURITY in the form of a certified check, bank check, or bid bond in the amount of five percent of the total amount of the bid. No later than forty-five days after the bid opening, the Municipality shall accept bids or reject all bids. After the bid opening, a bid may not be withdrawn prior to the date that is fo rt y-five days after such bid opening . The Municipality reserves the right to reject any or all bids, and advertise for new bids, if in its opinion the best interest of the municipality will hereby be promoted.
The Municipality seeks to construct Drainage Improvements- Leaching Structures ( Resurfa cing) in the Albany Avenue and Cortland Street areas for which the engineering design has been completed. This project is being financed with U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development {HUD} Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery funds administered by the NYS Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery. Attention of bidders is particularly called to Section 3 requirement s, M/WBE goals, Federal labor standar ds, Fed eral and State prevailing wage rat es, online reporting requirements using Elation System , Inc. and other requirements included in the GOSR Supplementary Condit ion s for Contracts. See Instructions to Bidders for additional information.
Minority and Women Owned Business Participation Goals (MBE) 15%, (WBE} 15% The Municipality is an Equal Opportunity employer.
CONTRACT DOCUMENTS may be examined free of charge and copies may be obtained in person or by mail from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Village of Lindenhurst at 430 South Wellwoo d Avenue, Lindenhurst , NY 11757 upon payment of $50.00 per set and shipping and handling as applicable. Make checks payable to Village of Lindenhurst. The following agency staff has been designated as contacts for this contract: Douglas Madlon 631-957-7500. The successful bid der will be required to furnish a Performance Bond and a Payment Bond in the statutory form of public bonds required by Section 137 of the State Finance Law, each for one hundred percent of the amount of the Contract.
The completion date for this project is 90 Calendar Days after Bidder receives a notice to proceed with construction from the Municipality.
No formal pre-bidding meeting will be held. However, questions or requests for clarifi cation may be directed to Doug Madlen (631) 957-7503 dmadlon@v il lageo flindenhurst . Any reply to such an inquiry, including the initial questions, will be communicated by Addendu m to all bidders who have obtained the Contract Documents.


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