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Legal Notice # 21674536 Notice is hereby given that

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Legal Notice # 21674536
Notice is hereby given that SEALED PROPOSALS for:
34 School Street, Bayville, NY 11709Contract 1: General Construction, Plumbing, Fire Protection, HVAC and Electrical Work
Will be received until 10:00 AM prevailing time on 9/28/21 at the Bayville Free Library, located at 34 School Street, Bayville, NY 11709.
Electronic files, including the Bid Documents, may be obtained by emailing Gallin Beeler Design Studio’s Office Manager Megan Flamm ( or calling 914-693-4004, x-311.
Bid documents may be obtained beginning at 9:00 AM on 8/31/21.
Bids must be made in the standard proposal form in the manner designated therein and as required by the Specifications that must be enclosed in sealed envelopes bearing the name of the job and name and address of the bidder on the outside, addressed to: BAYVILLE FREE LIBRARY, clearly marked on the outside: Bid For: Bayville Free Library Renovation and Expansion.
All bids received after the time stated in the Notice to Bidders will not be considered and will be returned unopened to the bidder. The bidder assumes the risk of any delay in the mail or in the handling of the mail by employees of the LIBRARY. Whether sent by mail or by means of personal delivery, the bidder assumes responsibility for having its bid deposited on time at the place specified.Each proposal submitted must be accompanied by a certified check or bid bond, made payable to the BAYVILLE FREE LIBRARY, in an amount equal to five percent (5%) of the total amount of the bid, as a commitment by the bidder that, if its bid is accepted, it will enter into a contract to perform the work and will execute such further security as may be required for the faithful performance of the contract. Certification of bonding company is required for this bid, see Instructions for Bidders section.
Each bidder shall agree to hold his/her bid price for forty five (45) days after the formal bid opening.
A pre-bid walk thru is scheduled for 10:00 AM on 9/10/21.
It is the BAYVILLE FREE LIBRARY’S intention to award the contracts to the lowest qualified bidder who can meet the experience, technical and budget requirements. The Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids, waive any informality and to accept such bid which, in the opinion of the Board, is in the best interests of the Library.
Bids include all costs associated with the project. By submitting a bid, the bidder represents that they are familiar with the site and project conditions. Additionally prior to submitting its bid, Contractor shall make Architect and Owner aware of any problems and/or inconsistencies in the bid documents.
In the Specifications, two or more kinds, types, brands, or manufacturers or materials are regarded as the required standard of quality and are presumed to be equal. The contractor may select one of these items or, if the contractor desires to use any kind type, brand, or manufacturer or material other than those named in the specifications, they shall indicate in writing when requested, and prior to award of contract, what kind, type, brand or manufacturer is included in the base bid for the specified item.
Submission for equivalents shall be submitted to the Architect prior to the award of the contract.
Bayville Free Library
Bayville, New York
Dated: August 31, 2021

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