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Legal Notice # 21769408
NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTYNotice is hereby given that the undersigned will sell, to satisfy lien of the owner, at public sale by competitive bidding on 02/20/2023 at 2:00 PM online at at the Safeguard Storage facility located at:Safeguard Self Storage1112 East Tremont Ave.Bronx, NY 10460 Phone:
718-828-0506The personal items, household goods, boxes, toys, furniture stored therein by the following:1532 Brown, Darrien, 2502 Micheal B Nelson, 0065 Mary Ann Robinson, 0733 Migdalia Mata, 0282 Hertty Sam, 2703 Susan Campos, 2708 Louis Smith, 2514 Edward Robinson, 0274A Hertty Sam, 1234 Hertty Sam, 0250 Wanda Simonetti, 1813 Kiana Benson, 1147 Linda Amankwaa, 1515 Maurice Fulton, 0138 Jose Cintron, 1134 Jessica Cooper, 1153 Jessica Cooper, 1115 Lawrence Grant, 0724 Jennifer Colon, 0505 Mariah R Valle, 0852 Frank Gonzalez, 1617 Nelson A Valdez, 1053 Jason Harvin, 0721 Elsy J Guity, 0325 Erica Villalon, 0108 Mark A Wray, 1026 Thea Mercedes, 0423 Elizabeth Gutierrez, 0004 Nayet ZambranaPurchases must be paid at the facility with Credit Card or Cash. All Purchases must be complete within 48 hours of the end of the online auction. A $100.00 cash cleaning deposit is required until all items in the unit are removed from the premises and verified by the manager on duty. Sale subject to cancellation until the purchase is completed; company reserves the right to refuse any online bids.
Auction by StorageAuctions.comPhone: (866) 944-8530

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