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Legal Notice # 21769652 AD FOR BID REQUESTSDOORS

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Legal Notice # 21769652
A non-profit religious organization located in Merrick, NY is seeking sealed bids for sales and installation of security related enhancements. The project includes obtaining and installation of:
1. New solid interior doors with new frames and automatic closing and locking hardware to replace selected interior doors.
2. New double pane locking security windows with shatterproof glass & limited opening hardware
3. Video intercom and physical access control equipment, including remote lock release capability that is compatible with our current systems for selected interior doors.
4. Acquire and install panic buttons in selected areas of the building.
Selection criteria will be based on knowledge of doors, door installation, security windows & installation, and security systems. Experience and specific knowledge of all or some of items 1, 2, 3 & 4 listed above, adherence to projected work schedules, prior experience, references, and cost. Bids will be accepted for either individual items listed above or any combination of those items. Specifications and bid requirements can be obtained by contacting us at
All firms who intend to bid and are interested in receiving the bid requirements must provide the following information in your email request: firm name, owners’ names, business address, primary contact, telephone, fax, and email address by no later than 5:00pm Friday February 24, 2023. Bids will be accepted until 5:00pm on Friday March 17, 2023. Work is to commence by Monday April 24, 2023 and be completed by August 15, 2023




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