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The Moscow Urban Renewal Agency (MURA), the urban renewal agency for the City of Moscow, Idaho, a public body corporate and politic, invites developers to submit a proposal for the redevelopment offering for two undeveloped parcels of land located at the southwest corner of the intersection of Sixth Street and Jackson Street in Moscow, Idaho.

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All redevelopment proposals offered for consideration shall be in conformance with pertinent zoning regulations, Legacy Crossing Overlay District Design Guidelines, and the Legacy Crossing Urban Renewal District Redevelopment Plan of June 2, 2008 (Legacy Crossing Plan).

The developer(s) selected through this RFP process will enter into an Exclusive Negotiation Agreement(s) leading potentially to a Disposition and Development Agreement(s) in compliance with the Legacy Crossing Urban Renewal Plan. Interested individuals and firms are invited to obtain submission instructions from the MURA. Submission packets are available beginning Tuesday, January 17, 2023. The deadline for responses is 5:00 P.M. local time on March 24, 2023.

The disposition and development opportunity will be awarded to the firm or firms which, in the sole opinion of MURA, proposes a project that will help the MURA achieve the intents and purposes of the Legacy Crossing Plan and can demonstrate project viability and likelihood of success. MURA reserves the right to reject any or all submittals not conforming to the intent and purpose of this Request for Proposals, whenever such action appears in the best interests of MURA. MURA will not pay costs incurred in responding to this Request for Proposals. MURA may cancel this process at any time prior to the execution of any agreement without liability. More specific information, as well as terms and conditions of this Request for Proposals, can be found on the MURA website at or from the MURA Clerk””‘s office located at 504 S. Washington Street, Moscow, Idaho. Please contact the MURA Executive Director, Cody Riddle, with specific questions regarding this Request for Proposal via email at