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Legal Notice Zoning Board – City of Stamford APPL

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Legal Notice Zoning Board – City of Stamford APPL. 218-18(MOD): Notice is hereby given that the Zoning Board of the City of Stamford, CT, at its meeting held on Monday, January 23, 2023, APPROVED AS MODIFIED the application of Arrow Alternative Care #3, Inc. for modification of Special Permit approval to convert an existing medical marijuana dispensary at the property known as 800-806 East Main Street, Stamford, Connecticut (Parcel ID #002-0219), located in the C-N Zone, into a hybrid retailer cannabis establishment pursuant to Section 5.E of the Stamford Zoning Regulations and Public Act 21-1 to permit both medical marijuana and adult use cannabis sales. The subject property is owned by Clark’s Hill Shopping Plaza, LLC, is located in the C-N Zone, and contains approximately 1.63± acres of property located and described as follows: Block #: 182 Area: 1.63± Acres All that certain piece or parcel of land with the building contained thereon located in the City of Stamford, County of Fairfield, State of Connecticut, being 1.6297 Acres in area and more particularly shown on a certain map entitled “Map Of Property Located At #806-808 East Main Street Prepared for Clark’s Hill Shopping Plaza, LLC , Stamford, Conn., Scale: 1″=30′, July 24, 2003, Total Area = 70,987 Sq. Ft. or 1.6297 Ac., by B.G. Root, Surveyor.” Said map to be recorded in the Stamford Town Clerk’s Office. Said parcel of property is bounded as follows: beginning at a found granite monument located on the Westerly property line and being the N/E’ly corner of land n/f Suburban Cadillac Corp. and the S/E’ly corner of land n/f Glenbrook Road Realty, Inc., said granite monument being the true point and place of beginning; thence along land n/f Glenbrook Road Realty, Inc N 27-15-10 E a distance of 31.30′ to a point; thence S 69-45-40 E a distance of 82.70′ to a point; thence along land n/f Andre Jean-Louis S 69-21-40 E a distance of 149.67′ to a point; thence along the westerly streetline of Lafayette Street S 14-44-00 W a distance of 60.24′ to a point; thence S 14-14-10 W a distance of 203.25′ to a point; thence along the Northerly streetline of East Main Street S 87-51-51 W a distance of 41.54′ to a point; thence along a curve to the S/W having a Radius of 772.56′, a central angle of 14-07-27 and an arc distance of 190.445′ to a point; thence along land n/f Suburban Cadillac Corp. N 16-18-10 E a distance of 161.133′ to a point; thence N 76-37-40 W a distance of 22.393′ to a point; thence N 14-48-50 E a distance of 1.00′ to a point; thence N 76-37- 40 W a distance of 7.53′ to a point; thence N 19-56-30 E a distance of 139.89′ to the point and place of beginning. Effective Date of this Decision: January 26, 2023 ATTEST: DAVID STEIN CHAIRMAN, ZONING BOARD CITY OF STAMFORD, CONN. Dated at the City of Stamford, CT., this 26th day of January, 2023.




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