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Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

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NOTICE IS GIVEN that on February 15, 2023 at 6:30 p.m., prevailing time, Council for the Borough of West Chester, Chester County, Pennsylvania, will hold a public hearing as part of the regularly scheduled public meeting at the Borough of West Chester’s municipal building located at 401 East Gay Street, West Chester, Pennsylvania, to consider the adoption of, and if approved, Borough Council will adopt the following ordinances with the following title and summary: AN ORDINANCE OF THE BOROUGH OF WEST CHESTER, CHESTER COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA, AMENDING THE CODE OF THE BOROUGH OF WEST CHESTER, CHAPTER 104, TITLED “VEHICLES AND TRAFFIC,â€? SECTION 104-45 TO ADD A HANDICAPPED PARKING SPACE ON THE NORTH SIDE OF EAST MINER STREET AT 501 EAST MINER STREET, THE WEST SIDE OF SOUTH PENN STREET AT 712 SOUTH PENN STREET AND THE SOUTH SIDE OF WEST MINER STREET AT 120 WEST MINER STREET; AND TO REMOVE HANDICAPPED PARKING SPACES AT 428 WEST CHESTNUT STREET, 703 SOUTH ADAMS STREET AND 349 EAST BIDDLE STREET. The full text of the Ordinance is available on the Borough’s website In addition, a certified copy of the proposed Ordinance is on file at the offices of the Daily Local News by calling (215) 648-1066 and the Chester County Law Library, Chester County Justice Center, Suite 2400, 201 West Market Street, West Chester, Pennsylvania 19380. Those individuals with disabilities and ADA accommodations for effective participation in the meeting should call 610-692-7574 at least two days prior to the meeting. All attempts will be made for reasonable accommodations. Kristin S. Camp, Esquire Borough Solicitor DLN 2/7; 1a

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