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Legal Notices

NOTICE TO BIDDERS Newtown Township Notice is hereby given that Newtown Township (owner) will accept sealed proposals for Traffic Signal Maintenance. Bids will be accepted until 10:00 AM on Thursday February 25, 2021 via email (as further described below). All bids received will be evaluated for completeness. A mandatory 30-minute live interview with bidder will be held via video conference on Friday February 26, 2021. This interview will be used as part of assessing the proposer’s qualifications. A specific time will be provided to each bidder. Bid Documents can be found on the Newtown Township website at: The bids will be reviewed by the Township and their agents and scored in accordance with the criteria detailed in Section B.11 of the bid document. The contract will be awarded by the Board of Supervisors at their public meeting on March 8, 2021 or at a subsequent meeting of the Board. All bidders are required to establish proof of competency and responsibility, in accordance with PennDOT Form 408/2016, Change 6, Section 102. Subcontractors must pre-qualify in the same manner, if listed in the proposal, or if they subsequently undertake the partial or total construction of one or more items of work. All bidders must include staff who are IMSA Traffic Signal Technician Level II certified or higher to perform maintenance and construction of traffic signals. Bidders must also have experience maintaining Naztec traffic control equipment, operating in a closed-loop and central control environment. Bidders are required to submit references of present and/or past municipalities where Naztec equipment and systems are current and have been maintained. Newtown Township reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, or parts thereof, for any cause whatsoever, as they deem in the best interest of Newtown Township. BY ORDER OF THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS NEWTOWN TOWNSHIP By: Stephen M. Nease, Township Manager DCT, February 11, February 15, a-1

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