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Legal Notices

PUBLIC NOTICE The Council of Concord Township, Delaware County is considering adopting the Concord Road North Minor Act 537 Plan Revision, which is an update to the Township’s Sewage Facilities (ACT 537) Plan. The Township is accepting comments on the Plan for a period of thirty (30) days beginning February 12, 2021. The name of the project is the Concord Road North Sewer Project and will provide public sewers to 56 Properties on Concord Road from Station Road to Baltimore Pike. The Alternative of Choice is the installation of a new low-pressure sewer system. All homes and buildings will connect to the new public sewer via individual grinder pumps. All Properties in the Concord Road North Project area will become part of the overall Township sewer system and user fees will be based on water consumption. The current quarterly rate is $90 for the first 10,000 gallons and $5.50 for each additional 1,000 gallons for those service by public water or a flat fee of $110 per quarter for those with well water. The tapping fee will be the incremental cost of the construction of the sewer system. The tapping fee is projected to be $10,680 contingent upon award of the installation contract. The Concord Road North Minor Act 537 Plan Revision can be reviewed in its entirety on the Concord Township website by visiting If you do not have access to the internet or cannot view the Plan, please contact the Sewer Department at 610.459.8911 x108. Comments will be accepted at the Township Building during the thirty (30) day public review period. Amanda Serock, Township Manager DCT, February 12, a-1

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