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Legal NoticeSubject; Preliminary/Final Design Services

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Legal NoticeSubject; Preliminary/Final Design Services for:CFA #119661 City of Cohoes Saratoga Street Pedestrian Accessibility and Commercial Corridor Enhancement Project.Dear Consultant;The City of Cohoes is seeking to retain an engineering firm to provide preliminary and final design services for a State Funded project. Firms will be selected from the 2022-2025 LDSA Regional Consultant list for NYSDOT Region 1 to provide their services for the following project:CFA #119661 involves the design of sidewalk and curb replacements, bike lanes, seating, shade structures, signage, restriping, decorative lighting, improved crosswalks, green infrastructure, and landscaping along Saratoga Street, from the intersection with Spring Street to the Cohoes/Waterford Bridge.All work will be designed to AASHTO specifications and the NYSDOT Standard Specifications (Construction and Materials). English Standard Units will be used. The amount currently budgeted for consultants on this project is $301,000.Design Development Plans for the Saratoga Street Corridor from Spring St. to Cohoes Blvd. shall include completion of development plans and final construction plans. This shall occur in two phases: I. Site Analysis, Survey(s) of Saratoga Street Corridor, Geotechnical Investigation and Design: Develop detailed streetscape design plans for the Saratoga Street corridor as bounded by Spring St and Cohoes Blvd. Complete an analysis of high priority sites within the Corridor and evaluate potential corridor enhancements that will increase accessibility, improve the street’s sense of place, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and encourage private development.i. Products: Site analysis, topographic survey(s) of Saratoga Street Corridor right-of-way, existing conditions assessment, schematic designs with preliminary cost estimates, public engagement/review in the form of a public meeting/discussion. Environmental review and agency consultation will occur concurrently with schematic design.II. Environmental Quality Review: The Contractor shall prepare, or cause to be prepared, all documents necessary to comply with the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) through determination of significance. If a positive declaration is made, a Draft Environmental Impact Statement shall be prepared.i. Products: SEQRA documents and Draft Environmental Impact Statement (if necessary).III. Final Saratoga Street Corridor Design and Construction Drawings: Based upon the approved draft Saratoga Street Corridor design documents, the consultant shall develop final Saratoga Street Corridor design and construction drawings and other supporting materials. The final Saratoga Street corridor design and construction drawings shall be provided to the Department for review at least two weeks prior to the due date for comments. Department comments must be addressed to the satisfaction of the department.i. Products: Final Saratoga Street Corridor design and construction drawings and supporting materials. Under Article 15A, Executive Law, the State of New York is committed to providing Minority and Women Owned Businesses (MWBE) equal opportunity to participate in government contracts. The following goals have been set for this project: 15% of the contract value for MBEs and 15% of the contract value for WBEs. The successful bidder will be required to furnish an EEO policy statement, staffing plan, and reports showing the participation of various business enterprises of subcontractors and suppliers on the contract.The anticipated start date of preliminary design is April 2023 with the completion of development and final construction plans to be delivered by December 2023.The City of Cohoes will select the most highly qualified firms according to the following criteria listed in order of decreasing importance:â?¢ Understanding of the work to be done;â?¢ Experience with similar kinds of projects;â?¢ Quality of staff for work to be done;â?¢ Familiarity with federal and state requiremen




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