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Lindsey Graham, Bob Menendez & Other U.S. Lawmakers Show Bipartisan Stance In Taiwan

Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Taipei, Taiwan – Republican Senators Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Ben Sasse of Nebraska, Richard Burr of North Carolina, and Rob Portman of Ohio, Republican Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson, and Democratic New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez arrived in Taipei Thursday.

The trip, otherwise unannounced, comes as a bipartisan reaction to continue a firm and solid relationship between the United States and Taiwan. Taiwan, like Ukraine, have fallen prey to Russia and China regimes as their “forced friend” policies of bullying have gained a stronger severe opposition and public outcry this year.

Social Media, real time open source media, deaths of many brave journalists, humanitarian crimes, and civilian war crimes have spotlighted the two countries actions and methods to the world in recent months inspiring outrage throughout the world.

The United States Representatives arrived to show their support for Taiwan at a time of increased threats from China as it’s number 1 ally, Russia, invades Ukraine in a similar political fashion threat.

The unprovoked moves brought by Russia put “front and center” action and attention to every free country and person in the world while pushing free countries and people to re-evaluate their security, increase alliances, and re-evaluate economic ties with the two un-sustainable countries including their supporting allies.

The group met with Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu and Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen.

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Source Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bloomberg Reuters

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