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Macron Wins French Presidency In Larger Than Expected Lead / Photo : Soazig de la Moissonnière / DILA-La Documentation française

Paris, France – President Macron won his second term cementing another 5 years as France’s leader.  After the latest final vote counts were completed it revealed a larger than anticipated lead over his opponent. The win comes as a breathe of fresh air to Europe and World counterparts as it signals a strong unity amongst parties and in turn the most important topics facing the world:  human rights, environment, infrastructure and supply chain.


French Presidential Race Facts

President Emmanuel Macron
Portrait officiel d’Emmanuel Macron. Photo : Soazig de la Moissonnière / DILA-La Documentation française
  1. French President Emmanuel Macron is re-elected with 58.55 percent of the vote, defeating his rival carrying 41.45 percent.
  2. Macron acknowledged division and the work needed that comes with it.
  3. Turn-Out, although low, signals that those voters or votes wont go to a certain side in the future, a promising side to undecided voters and the “left” of politics.
  4. French President Emmanuel Macron captured 18,799,812 votes verses his opponent’s 13,297,729 votes
  5. The win solidifies stability of world commerce and persistence in supply chain strength
  6. France Presidential Election Voter turnout was 26.41%
Source Reuters EuroNews

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