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Methuen Housing Authority Public Notice Designers

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Methuen Housing Authority Public Notice Designers registered in Massachusetts are advised that applications are available for preparation of plans and specifications and construction administration for The Methuen Housing Authority Housing Authority, through the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (Department) is seeking the services of a qualified “Designer” within the meaning of M.G.L. Chapter 7C, Section 44, to provide professional design and construction administration services for siding and window replacement at eight (8) buildings in the 200-01 JFK Village Family development in Methuen, Massachusetts. As the Fee for Basic Services for this Contract is $100,000 or more, MBE/ WBE Participation applies to the project. The minimum MBE and WBE participation goals are 6.6% MBE and 15%WBE of the overall value of the design contracts for this Contract/project. Sec Section G. Experience and Factors and Section H. Affirmative Marketing for further information. For additional information on Designer Qualifications and Requirements see the Sections G and H in this RFS. A Local Screening Committee will be used in the designer selection process. The DSC will select up to three (3) consultants to be interviewed. at the Methuen Housing Authority. The firm must provide full basic services including investigation and initial design through preparation of contract documents, bidding and construction contract administration. The project manager or person charged with handling this project must be a (n) A qualified Architecture firm (within the meaning of M.G.L. Chapter 7C, Section 44), with Massachusetts registration. registered in Massachusetts. The construction cost is $1,277,760.00. The Fee for Basic Services is $124,500.00. Applications and brochure requirements can be obtained by logging on to the Designer Selection Network at h t t p s : / / d s b . f o r m v e r s e 5 . c o m / F O R M V E R S E S E R V E R DSB/WebApp/Login.aspx and selecting the Methuen Housing Authority and 181134. A copy of the completed application must be submitted into the Designer Selection Network by 3/1/2023 at 2:00 p.m. 100 Cambridge Street, Suite 300 Boston, Massachusetts 02114 617.573,1100 ET – 1/25/23




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