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MultiScope UGV Robotic Snow Plow And Deicer Applicator

Milrem Robotic Snow Plow And Sand/Salt Spreader

Milrem Robotics new Multiscope UGV robot has successfully aided in rescue missions and firefighting ventures but now the gadget is being used to combat a different enemy: snow.

Tänavapuhastuse AS, the Estonian road maintenance company, is utilizing the robot to clean the streets by plowing snow and apply non-slip application coatings.

The Multiscope UGV has a hybrid diesel-electric drive with a modular design and open architecture. Its payload is 750kg.

Lumebot, another Estonian company, had their first snow cleaning robots take the streets in the winter months of 2019. Kaspar Kikerpill, Lumebot co-founder, stated that the robots are suited for year-round cleaning of sidewalks, parking lots, parks, and squares. The company is hoping to expand globally but as for now, the snowy Nordic countries of Finland, Sweden, and Norway are the main target. The fate of Lumbot was unknown at the time of this article but we hope to see and hear more information on Milrem’s machines soon!