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NEW HAVEN EVICTION WAREHOUSE 02/21/2023 AUCTION NOTICE Below is a list of names and addresses of owners of clothing and household supplies removed by the CT State Marshal following a lawful eviction in New Haven. Pursuant to CT General Statute section 47a-42c, these goods will be auctioned off on TUESDAY, 02/21/23, 10 A.M., at the storage warehouse in the Public Works building at 34 Middletown Ave, New Haven, CT. Prior to the auction, goods may be claimed & picked up by appointment only; the deadline is 12 NOON FRIDAY, 02/17/23. Please call 203-946-6738 to schedule an appointment. Proper identification is required to claim goods. A $10.00 cash deposit is required for all those who intend to place bids on bins. The deposit may be returned to you after the auction. In cases where you have a winning bid, this deposit may be applied toward payment. Bidding for lots will begin at $10.00 with the balance to be paid in cash immediately following the auction. The successful bidder must have all items removed by 12 NOON FRIDAY, 02/24/23. Stored items to be auctioned are to be sold in lots only. NAME ADDRESS VIDA BAJC, JOHN DOE & JANE DOE 251 DWIGHT ST, 2ND FLOOR -RIGHT, NEW HAVEN, CT 06511 JACKQUELYN KIMBERLY CRENSHAW 1533 CHAPEL ST, APT# 405, NEW HAVEN, CT 06511 DENNIS WHITE, JOHN DOE, & JANE DOE 637 HOWARD AVE, 2ND FLOOR, NEW HAVEN, CT 06519 KENDELL JEFFERSON 1449 ELLA T. GRASSO BLVD, #21, NEW HAVEN, CT 06511 JULIO VEGA, JOHN DOE, JANE DOE 179 QUINNIPIAC AVE, #2R, NEW HAVEN, CT 06513 TIMOTHY WRIGHT 1243 #C ELLA T. GRASSO BLVD, NEW HAVEN, CT 06511 TROY STEVENS JR, TROY STEVENS SR, JOHN DOE & JANE DOE 21 BROWN ST, 3RD FLOOR. NEW HAVEN, CT 06511 NESHAYA DOZIER, JOHN DOE, JANE DOE 52 STEVENS ST, UNIT #2, NEW HAVEN, CT 06519 ANTHONY BRUTON, ERICA DYSON, ANIYAH BENNETT, LENNOX BRUTON, JOHN DOE & JANE DOE 65 DONNA DRIVE, UNIT C-1, NEW HAVEN, CT 06513 MARVIN CONNER AKA JOHN DOE 306 POPLAR ST, NEW HAVEN, CT 06513 CHERYL MILOVICH 1465 STATE ST, APT. 309, NEW HAVEN, CT 06511 REGGIE NAPOLEON JR, JANE DOE 123 NEWHALL ST, 3RD FLOOR, NEW HAVEN, CT 06511 MICHAEL JETT 34 MAPLE ST, 2ND FLOOR, NEW HAVEN, CT 06511 JOHNISHA FREDLAW & MARK ANTHONY BROWMAN 10 ROWE ST, 2ND FLOOR, NEW HAVEN, CT 06513 JAMELL SOWELL, JACKIE JONES, JASMINE JAMES, JERMAINE DOE, TRINITY JAMES, GRACE KENNEDY, DANIEL VASSELL AKA DANNY DOE, JOHN DOE, JANE DOE 608-612 GEORGE ST, UNIT #10, NEW HAVEN, CT 06511 TANIS LEA 234 FOUNTAIN ST, APT.4R, NEW HAVEN, CT 06515 MARIELA DELVALLE 321 EASTERN ST, APT A-903, NEW HAVEN, CT 06513 JULIO (LAST NAME UNKNOWN) 37 EAST PEARL, BASEMENT, NEW HAVEN, CT 06513 ROGELIO RODRIGUES 324 GRAND AVE, 4TH FLOOR, NEW HAVEN, CT 06513 JANET DELVALLE, JOHN DOE, & JANE DOE 551 WINTHROP AVE, 3RD FLOOR, NEW HAVEN, CT 06511 FREDERICK FREEMAN 49 UNION AVE, APT. 304, NEW HAVEN, CT 06519 FELIX RIVERA 987 ELLA GRASSO BLVD, APT. 21, NEW HAVEN, CT 06513 RENE STORO AKA JANE DOE, JOHN DOE, JOHN DOE 2, JANE DOE 2 173 JAMES ST, #1, NEW HAVEN, CT 06513 KIRK BACON 64 CHAMBERLAIN ST, #10, NEW HAVEN, CT 06512 KIARA PRESTON 193 DOWNING ST, NEW HAVEN, CT 06513 AL CHESTER WILLIAMS 109 COURT ST #8, NEW HAVEN, CT 06511 JARROD WALKER 12 BLUE CLIFF TER, APT. 133, NEW HAVEN, CT 06513 DESTINY RIVERA 15 MOUNTAIN RIDGE TER, APT. 95, NEW HAVEN,CT 06513 SHAMEEKA HILL 269 WEST IVY, 1ST FLOOR, NEW HAVEN, CT 06511 TINA GORDON, ALAYJAH MCDOWELL 99 EDGEWOOD AVE #72, NEW HAVE, CT 06511 CARLOS RODRIGUEZ, PATTIAN RODRIGUEZ 315 EASTERN ST, APT. D-505, NEW HAVEN, CT 06513