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Notice of Auction Sale is herein given that Access Self

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Notice of Auction Sale is herein given that Access Self Storage of Bridgeport located at 225 Boston Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06610 will take place on WWW.STORAGETREASURES.COM Sale by competitive bidding starting on February 10, 2023, and end on February 21, 2023, at 10:00 am, to satisfy unpaid rent and charges on the following accounts: Contents of rooms generally contain misc. #1103 Kinsta Bouilly; Miscellaneous Household Items #2127 Idemir De Souza; Miscellaneous Household Items #2402 Cyprien Donte Longa; Miscellaneous Household Items. #3509 Kadeem Thomas; Miscellaneous Household Items The contents of each unit will be sold as a lot and all items must be removed from the premises within 72 hours. Owners may redeem their goods by paying all rent and charges due at any time before the sale. All sales are held “with reserve”. Owners reserve the right to cancel the sale at any time.




BYLT & The Portfolio Of Partners Is Happy To Say It Has Been Acquired For Expansion. We Will Be On Break While The Move And Upgrade To New Infrastructure & Portfolio Products And Companies That Have Been Completed Over The Years Begin To Roll Out While Regulatory Approvals Finalize .

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