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NOTICE OF MORTGAGEE’S SALE For breach of the con

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NOTICE OF MORTGAGEE’S SALE For breach of the conditions set forth in a certain Mortgage Deed from KELLY M. THERIAULT, now or formerly of 10 Center Road, Milton, NH 03851 to 21st Mortgage Corporation, having an address of 620 Market Street, Knoxville, TN 37902, dated November 2, 2020 and recorded in the Strafford County Registry of Deeds at Book 4828, Page 630, and by virtue of the Power of Sale contained in said Mortgage, for the purpose of Foreclosing the same, default having been made in the conditions thereof, for reason of nonpayment, will sell at: PUBLIC AUCTION To be held on the premises which are located at 10 Center Road, Milton, NH 03851, on Friday, February 24, 2023 at 10:30am, the premises conveyed by and described in said Mortgage. The premises are more particularly described in said Mortgage. The premises are to be conveyed subject to and together with all the recitations that may exist in said Mortgage and subject to applicable park rules and regulations. Terms: One Thousand and no/100 ($1,000.00) Dollars cash, certified check or other form acceptable to the said mortgagee, to be paid at the time of the sale, and the balance of the purchase price to be paid within forty-five (45) days of the date of sale. The successful bidder(s) will be required to execute a Purchase and Sales Agreement immediately after the close of the bidding. The original Mortgage instrument is located at Gauthier & MacMartin, PLLC, of 123 Elm Street, Milford, New Hampshire, and may be examined by giving notice to Dustin N. Gauthier, Esq. at (603) 673-7220. NOTICE: To the Mortgagor, any grantee of the mortgagor or any other person claiming a lien or any other encumbrance on the mortgaged premises. YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED THAT YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO PETITION THE SUPERIOR COURT FOR THE COUNTY IN WHICH THE MORTGAGED PREMISES ARE SITUATED, WITH SERVICE UPON THE MORTGAGEE, AND UPON SUCH BOND AS THE COURT MAY REQUIRE, TO ENJOIN THE SCHEDULED FORECLOSURE SALE. THE NAME AND ADDRESS OF THE MORTGAGEE FOR SERVICE OF PROCESS IS 21ST MORTGAGE CORPORATION, 620 MARKET STREET, KNOXVILLE, TN 37902, AND THE NAME AND ADDRESS OF THE MORTGAGEE’S AGENT FOR SERVICE OF PROCESS IS DUSTIN N. GAUTHIER, ESQ. OF 123 ELM STREET, MILFORD, NH 03055. YOU CAN CONTACT THE NEW HAMPSHIRE BANKING DEPARTMENT BY E-MAIL AT NHBD@BANKING.NH.GOV. FOR INFORMATION ON GETTING HELP WITH HOUSING AND FORECLOSURE ISSUES, PLEASE CALL THE FORECLOSURE INFORMATION HOTLINE AT 1-800-437-5991. THE HOTLINE IS A SERVICE OF THE NEW HAMPSHIRE BANKING DEPARTMENT. THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR THIS CALL. The Mortgagee reserves the right to bid at the sale, to reject any and all bids, to continue the sale and to amend the terms of the sale by written or oral announcement made before or during the foreclosure sale. The property to be sold at the sale will be sold “AS IS WHERE IS”. Said premises shall be sold subject to (i) all unpaid real estate taxes and liens therefore, whether or not of record, (ii) mortgages, tax or other liens, attachments and all other encumbrances and rights, title and interest of third persons of any and every nature whatsoever which are, or may be entitled to precedence over the mortgage, and (iii) the other matters affecting the title of the mortgagor to the premises. Dated at Milford, New Hampshire, this 5th day of January 2023. 21st Mortgage Corporation By Its Attorney, Dustin N. Gauthier Gauthier & MacMartin, PLLC 123 Elm Street, Milford, NH (603) 673-7220 By: Dustin N. Gauthier, NHB 20086




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