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NOTICE TO BIDDERS Notice is hereby given that LAKE



Notice is hereby given that LAKE COUNTY, by and through its BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS, will receive sealed bids for the construction of:

The following Road Project:

Parrish Avenue – 181st Avenue (State Road 2) to 151st Avenue

Sealed Bids will be received at the Lake County Auditor’s Office, Lake County Government Center, Crown Point, IN 46307 until 9:30 am (local time) on Wednesday, February 15, 2023. All bids will then be publicly opened and read aloud at the County Commissioner’s meeting at 10:00 am. Any bids received after the above designated time shall be returned unopened.

The proposed projects which bids are being received for will involve the

Reconstruction and preservation of the following:

Parrish Avenue – 181st Avenue (State Road 2) to 151st Avenue

The proposed work will consist of furnishing all labor, services, materials, insurance, and equipment to construct the public works improvements on the roads specified above in Lake County, Indiana. The work will include pavement reconstruction and preservation using various techniques as specified in the Contract Document and Plans.

All bids must be submitted on State Board of Accounts Form No. 96 together with the proper forms included in the Contract Documents, the entire set of which shall be filed intact as a bid.

The Contract Documents, including Plans and Specifications, are on file in the LAKE COUNTY AUDITORS OFFICE, LAKE COUNTY GOVERNMENT CENTER, 2293 NORTH MAIN STREET, CROWN POINT, IN 46307, for review only.

Prospective Bidders may examine the Bidding Documents at the Issuing Office on Mondays through Fridays between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:00 pm, and may obtain copies of the Bidding Documents as described below.

Plans and Specifications MUST be obtained at the LAKE COUNTY AUDITOR’S OFFICE, 2293 NORTH MAIN STREET, CROWN POINT, IN 46307. Plans and Contract Documents can also be provided via. E-mail in PDF format AFTER INITIAL SET IS OPTAINED FROM THE AUDITOR’S OFFICE from:

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ATTN: Duane Alverson Email:

1100 East Monitor Street, Crown Point, IN 46307

PHONE: (219) 663-0525

Plans and Contract Documents must be picked up at the Auditor’s O££ice

to be eligible to submit a bid on this contract.

SECURITY: Any person, firm or corporation who submits a proposal MUST file with their bid a CERTIFIED CHECK, BANK DRAFT, CASHIER’S CHECK OR MONEY ORDER Issued by a financial institution insured by an agency of the United States in the amount of five percent (5%), made payable to Lake County. In lieu of the above, any person, firm or corporation who submits a proposal and has a principal place of business in the State of Indiana MAY file with their proposal a BID BOND in the amount of five percent (5%), made payable to the LAKE COUNTY

Proposals may be held by LAKE COUNTY for a period not to exceed sixty (60) days from the public opening.

The successful Contractor will be required to furnish a Performance Bond in the amount of one hundred percent (100%) of the contract price within ten (10) days after award of the contract and a two (2) year Maintenance Bond in the amount of TWENTY percent (20%) of the contract price prior to completion and final payment of the contract.

No Contractor may withdraw his proposal within sixty (60) days after the actual date of the opening thereof.

LAKE COUNTY reserves the right to ask for clarification for any bid submitted. In comparing bids, consideration will not be confined to price only. The successful bid will be the one that is judged to best serve the interests of LAKE COUNTY when price, product, safety, quality and delivery are considered. LAKE COUNTY BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS reserves the right to reject any proposal, to waive technicalities or irregularities therein, to delete any bid item or items and to award a contract on the proposal/proposals for each project that in their judgment is most advantageous to LAKE COUNTY.

Lake County requests each bidder submit one original and a duplicate copy of their bid.


Peggy Holinga-Katona

1/24,1/31 – 109828 HSPAXLP