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Obayashi, Japan’s largest construction firm, And Innoviz LiDAR, Develop proprietary autonomous Robotic tower crane system

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TOKYO and TEL AVIV– Innoviz Technologies (Nasdaq: INVZ), a leading provider of high-performance solid-state LiDAR sensors, and Obayashi Corporation (TYO: 1802), a major Japanese construction company, announced today the development of an automated tower crane system based on Innoviz’s LiDAR sensors.

The automated tower crane system from Obayashi is part of the company’s recently announced autonomous solutions for excavation equipment, concrete dam construction, and backhoe loaders.

Obayashi began using Innoviz’s LiDAR on their sites in 2018 and is currently developing a full-scale system for construction sites across Japan.

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Obayashi’s recognition software extracts data from Innoviz’s LiDAR to precisely measure the distance between objects and identify people and equipment in construction zones.

The data is used by Obayashi’s system to send a series of step-by-step warnings to the crane operator, which improves safety and allows for a more streamlined and efficient process. Using Innoviz’s LiDAR in conjunction with Obayashi’s proprietary software resulted in significant savings compared to manual crane operation.

According to Obayashi’s engineering team they have been testing Innoviz’s products for the past three years, and state they have complete faith in the company’s solutions.

Innoviz Technologies Co-Founder and CEO Omer Keilaf commented: “We were thrilled to see the result of Obayashi’s use of our LiDAR. This is a cutting-edge solution and a true testimony that our LiDAR can be used in a significant number of use cases. We believe we will see more partnerships like this come to fruition. Additionally, we’re grateful to our distributor and partner, Macnica, for connecting us with Obayashi’s innovative team.”

Macnica, Japan’s largest distribution company, represents Innoviz in the country. Obayashi Corporation was founded in 1892 and is one of Japan’s five super general contractors. Construction, including regional development, urban development, resource and energy development, and environmental development, is its primary business, as is civil engineering, which includes research, surveying, planning, devising, design, and supervision. The company employs approximately 15,000 people and operates 21 offices in 14 countries. The company has a high level of technology that is supported by history and tradition, and it is actively introducing new technologies.

The distributor Macnica has been providing cutting-edge semiconductors, electronic devices, networking, and cyber security products with added technological value since its inception in 1972. Based on its traditional strengths of global sourcing of cutting-edge technologies and technology planning, Macnica has been developing new businesses in the fields of AI/IoT, automated driving, and robotics in recent years. The company is headquartered in Yokohama, Japan, and operates globally through 85 offices in 23 countries.



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