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PUBLIC NOTICE Fuel Bids The Schuylkill Country

PUBLIC NOTICE Fuel Bids The Schuylkill Country Transportation Authority hereby gives notice that it will receive sealed bids for the purchase of vehicle fuel for a two year period beginning July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2023. Bids shall be submitted on forms furnished by the Schuylkill Transportation System and shall be submitted to: Schuylkill County Transportation Authority c/o Schuylkill Transportation System P.O. Box 67 Saint Clair, PA 17970 ATTN: John Consuger Bidders shall submit an original bid with one copy in a sealed envelope and shall clearly indicate on the face of the bid envelope the following: “STS Fuel Bid – VFPP2021-23”. Bids will be received up to and not later than 3:00 PM local time on Wednesday, May 26, 2021. All bids so received will be opened in public at the Schuylkill County Transportation Authority Board Meeting scheduled for 4:30 PM on Wednesday, May 26, 2021. Bids must remain in effect for sixty (60) days from the bid opening. The tentative date for the bid award is scheduled for June 30, 2021. Requests for copies of the bid document, bid forms and all inquiries are to be directed to John Consuger, Financial Director, at (570) 429-2701. All bids and related documents will be subject to financial assistance contracts between the Schuylkill County Transportation Authority and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PENNDOT). All bidders will be required to certify that they are not on the Comptroller General’s list of ineligible contractors. The successful bidder will be required to comply with all applicable equal opportunity laws and PENNDOT required bidding regulations. Bids must be accompanied by an original bid guarantee in the form of bank check, certified check or bid bond payable to the Schuylkill County Transportation Authority written by a surety authorized to do business in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in a dollar amount not less than 10% of the base bid sum or reading “in the sum of ten percent (10%) of the principal’s base bid” for each base bid. Such bid bond will be returned to all bidders upon awarding the contract to the successful bidder. To the successful bidder the Schuylkill County Transportation Authority Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids, or parts thereof, and to waive any irregularities in bidding. Dated: April 29, 2021 By: Dave Bekisz, Executive Director Schuylkill Transportation System

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