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Competitive bid process [IC 5-22-7] For purchases greater than $150,000, 2) Invitations must meet public notice requirements (IC 5-3-1 Two notices, published at least one week apart with the second notice published at least 10 days prior to deadline for receiving bids)


[f1pc7r%]The City of Gary Redevelopment Commission will receive sealed bids from Friday January 22nd, beginning at 9:00 a.m. until Wednesday, February 10th, 2021 at 3:00 p.m. at its office at 504 Broadway, Suite 200, Gary, Indiana 46402 for the field replacement at the Rail Cats Stadium further described below:

[f1pc7r%]a. Proposing a written design services and construction development plan

[f1pc7r%]b. Strip 92,000 square feet of old sand off field and haul away

[f1pc7r%]c. Strip all organic “4 yards” of entire surface and haul away

[f1pc7r%]d. Add proper USGA regulation sand, approximately 300 tons to bring ground to level grade

[f1pc7r%]e. Laser grade entire surface including infield, warning track and grass areas

[f1pc7r%]f. Remove 2 ½ inches of unwanted material off warning track. Approx. 180 tons and haul away

[f1pc7r%]g. Add 1 inch of new track material to warning track, approximately 80 tons

[f1pc7r%]h. Laser grade warning track

[f1pc7r%]i. Sod complete field “92,000 sq feet” with big roll sod, specifications per head groundskeeper

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[f1pc7r%]j. Guarantee sod for 5 days

[f1pc7r%]k. Build partial warning track in right field 5-inch depth and approximately 200 feet long. Fill with proper material, per head groundskeeper’s specifications

[f1pc7r%]l. Change all 11 irrigation valves

[f1pc7r%]m. Change 5 irrigation heads when needed along new warning track

[f1pc7r%]n. Get textile underneath new warning track per head groundskeeper.

[f1pc7r%]QUALIFICATIONS: Contractor must meet the following criteria:

[f1pc7r%]a. Minimum of 8 years work in the design and construction of professional athletic fields

[f1pc7r%]b. Payroll that has constructed or reconstructed a minimum of 5 professional baseball fields in the last 4 years

[f1pc7r%]c. On-site construction personnel that have maintained high performance baseball fields “Triple A” or higher in the last 3 years

[f1pc7r%]d. Companies have office within 150 miles of job site to ensure quick on-site presence in case of problems after final construction

[f1pc7r%]Complete submittal procedures are listed in the RFP posted on the City of Gary’s Redevelopment Department webpage. ( The bid process may be suspending or revoked at any time for any reason by determination of the Gary Redevelopment Commission

[f1pc7r%]Upon the execution of a contract providing for the improvements to the property as herein defined to the successful bidder, work plan shall be provided to the Redevelopment Commission for the purpose of commencing the project of the subject real estate, and shall be submitted with the contract. Pursuant I.C. IC 5-22-7, the Redevelopment Commission will accept offers for the improvements. All bids must be submitted at the offices of the City of Gary Redevelopment Commission, 504 Broadway, Suite 200, Gary, Indiana. For questions, please contact Jeraldine Williams, Executive Secretary, at (219) 886-1531.

[f1pc7r%]City of Gary Redevelopment Commission

[f1pc7r%]1/22, 29-61001-hspaxlp


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