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Want A Remote Controlled Lego Cat D11? Sorry It’s Out Of Stock…


Uncrate, Barnes & Noble, Target, Best Buy, and more put the new CAT D11 remote controlled Lego bulldozer on the shelf. They didn’t last. Sold Out & Back-ordered. You may be able to find a few that are jacked up to double the price of retail though. Who wouldn’t want one… :)))


The Lego Remote Controlled D11 Bull-Dozer

Packed complete and fully functioning every detail down to the ripper will leave you fascinated. We all love Lego and is one of the leading trends in popularity again as the company has stayed true to it;s roots while evolving and adapting to the times.

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The Cat D11 is Caterpillar’s largest beast in the dozer field. The real life model boasts a CAT C32 Engine with 850 Horsepower and the machines combined weight is over 229,800 pounds or 115 Tons. That is 5 1/2 Tri-Axle Dump Truck Loads combined.
CAT D11 Courtesy Of Caterpillar

The Caterpillar has deep American roots built on the D Series ranging from wars to infrastructure. A staple pushing American ingenuity forward. Learn more about the hard work of many Americans over the past century that went into such an American Icon in this video:

Designing A Legend: The Cat D10
Designing A Legend – CAT




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