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Request for Bidder Lackawanna County Sheriff’s Department

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Legal Notices

Legal Notices

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Request for Bidder Lackawanna County Sheriff’s Department Sealed Bids for the Sale of Assorted Lots of Surplus Firearms and Other Weapons RFQ#212-23-160 1. INTRODUCTION: NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: that pursuant to a fair and open process, sealed bids will be received and reviewed by the Lackawanna County Commissioners, Lackawanna County Sheriffs Department, and Lackawanna Controllers Office for the sale of surplus firearms and other weapons. 2. PURPOSE: The purpose of this RFQ is to solicit bids from qualified firms to purchase surplus firearms and other weapons from the Lackawanna County Sheriffs Department. All bidders must possess a valid and current Federal Firearms License (FFL). A copy of the FFL must be submitted with the bid. 3. PROCEDURES FOR RESPONDING TO REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: RFQ documents will be available on-line at the County Website: https://www.lack ment/departments/rfp_rfq.php Four (4) copies of Sealed Bids shall be sent to the Lackawanna County Chief Controllers Office by courier (FedEx, UPS etc.). 123 Wyoming Avenue, 2nd Floor, Lackawanna County Government Center, Scranton, PA 18503 not later than 11AM February 16, 2023. Hand delivered bids will be accepted. Bid envelopes shall be plainly marked with the Project Title and the RFQ Number for which the bid is intended. The County assumes no responsibility for delays in any form of carrier, mail, or delivery service, causing the submission to be received after the required due date and time. Submissions by fax, telephone and email are prohibited. Bid Opening will be 2:00PM on February 16, 2023, in the Commissioners Conference Room, 5th Floor, Lackawanna County Government Center at the Globe. 123 Wyoming Avenue, Scranton, PA 18503. Bid opening will be public. 4. BID SECURITY A bid bond, certified check, or cash in the amount of 10% of the bid amount is required to be submitted with each bid, payable to the Lackawanna County Treasurer, as a guarantee of the bidders willingness to execute the contract if awarded the same. 5. Mandatory Sample Office Walk Thru: A Mandatory Pre-Bid meeting will be conducted on February 9, 2023, at 10: AM. Lackawanna County Sheriffs Office, 200 North Washington Avenue Scranton, PA 18503. Only Federal Firearms Licensed Vendors shall be given the opportunity to view the surplus lot and receive a complete list of items in the lot. Only FFL vendors who attend the meeting will be allowed to submit bids. Vendors must register for the meeting. Registration requests must be sent to by 4PM February 6, 2023. The vendor must include a copy of their Federal Firearms License when making a reservation. 6. CRITERIA FOR EVALUTION OFPROPOSAL: Award shall be made to the firm that submitted the highest qualified offer for the total lot. The right to reject any and all bids is hereby reserved by Lackawanna County Gary DiBileo Lackawanna County Controller