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War And Political Threats Increase World Wide

United States Of America – American businesses and ally communities should be on a heightened alert with business transactional emails, communications, infrastructure and supply chain risk. With the current war time climate, Russian political influence in conjunction with it’s US, UK and China political ally counterparts are increasing a dangerous political agenda as war threats increase in Ukraine.

The push comes on the heels of a political push that will remain through the end of the year to recapture assumed alliances in what appears to be a second push following the previous September – February events we saw here in the USA and worldwide. Mitigate and eliminate risk of illogical and non-compatible business relationships. Re-evaluate companies that have access to citizen data, locations, and overall business operational data.

Report any and all suspicious activities to the authorities and manage risk through business relationships and due diligence to avoid such entanglement.

Since the last series of events money laundering and criminal activities have had to move operations and tactics. Funneling to new areas of the world to conduct business under false pretenses and or reorganize to continue these operations again.

Beyond terror events, hate crimes, market and stock manipulations other areas of high risk include energy, venture capital, insurance and legal representations, new business migration and M&A. Major Heightened high risk corruption areas continue to be Russia, India, UK, Swiss, Dutch areas, North Korea, France, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, China, Mexico, Middle East, Toronto and the United States.

Regimes in North Korea, Russia and China utilize many different tactics. Consumers and business owners should strongly re-evaluate freelancers, sub-contractors, saas programs, data storage and communication routes to eliminate risk and co-conspirators in the broader corrupted areas.

Risk should also be considered when using legacy financial & communications networks. Industry pushes to enable further adoption of existing crypto platforms is very entangled in a broad market of players where platforms are self sabotaging themselves and competitors.

#unicef #bylt #standwithukraine


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