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SECTION 000100 INVITATION TO BID The Woodstock Academy

SECTION 000100 INVITATION TO BID The Woodstock Academy invites sealed bids from qualified General Contractors for restoration / renovation of the Academy Building Tower. The estimated cost of this project is $488,000.00. This project is defined in construction documents dated September 15, 2020 prepared by Juster Pope Frazier Architects of Northampton, Massachusetts and their consultants. PREQUALIFICATION OF GENERAL CONTRACTORS Due to the extremely sensitive nature of the work of this project, and the special skills required for same, the following information must be submitted by General Contractors in order to receive bid documents. The Academy Building Tower is an important historical building because of the quality of its architecture and association with significant residents of the property. It is important that the successful bidder be experienced in restoration and rehabilitation of buildings and with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation. The Contractor submitting the bid must have been in business under the same name, and doing the same type of work, for a minimum of five years. To demonstrate experience and qualifications provide the following: Provide history of the firm, including number of years it has been in business doing general contracting; a list of representative projects with final cost, year completed and description of work. Provide resumes for principals and key personnel who will be assigned to the project, including a list of relevant projects with which they were personally involved. List three or more historic preservation projects on buildings listed on the National Register that were completed by this firm within the last five years. Include the date of completion, the age of the building, the cost of the project, the architect, a detailed description of the work, and a project reference with phone number. The Owner reserves the right and sole discretion to determine equivalent or prior experience and the right to reject any or all general contractors which fail to demonstrate equivalent prior experience. The Owner will contact project references, and reserves the right to reject bids based on poor performance with similar projects. Qualifications will be evaluated on the basis of similar project experience for: Completion of at least 3 similar historically significant projects. Size and dollar value of completed projects. Contractor’s performance with similar projects. Contractor’s ability to subcontract with qualified firms. Experience of individuals assigned to the project. Contractors who request bid documents without presenting the documents listed will be rejected from bidding and will not receive bid documents. This documentation shall be submitted electronically to prior to March 2nd, 2021. BID DOCUMENTS INFORMATION Prequalified general contractors will be provided electronic PDF files of the Bidding Documents after 3:00 pm local time, March 2nd, 2021, from the offices of JUSTER POPE FRAZIER ARCHITECTS, 82 North Street, Northampton, MA. PDF files are only distributed to General Contractors who must then distribute to their bidding subcontractors. BID DATE INFORMATION Bids are to be sent via email until 3 pm, local time, Wednesday, March 16, 2021 to and Incomplete or bids with restrictions, conditions or qualifications are subject to being rejected. Bids will be opened privately. Please review this invitation to bid and the instructions to bidders for bidding procedures. SITE WALK THROUGHS Prequalified general contractors shall have full access to the Academy Building and Tower prior to bidding on March 4th beginning at 9 am. General Contractors will be assigned individual times and will have 60 minutes within the Academy Building. Visitors shall check in at the security desk adjacent to the main (south) entry of the Bowen Building and will be escorted into the attic of the Academy Building. NOTE: The Academy Building is presently not occupied by students due to the pandemic. Scheduling site visits shall be done by contacting Bidding contractors must visit the site and make themselves familiar with as built conditions prior to bidding. BOND REQUIREMENTS A bid bond equal to 5% of the bid is to be submitted with the bid. Bid Bonds will be released once a contract for construction is executed with the selected bidder. The selected general contractor will be required to supply a performance and payment bond covering the cost of the work including all materials, fees and labor. CONNECTICUT STATE HISTORIC PRESERVATION OFFICE FURTHER REQUIREMENTS Partial funding for this project is provided by Connecticut’s Historic Restoration Fund, which is funded by the Connecticut Community Investment Act and administered by the Connecticut State Historic Preservation Office (CT SHPO) within the Department of Economic and Community Development. All work must meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties and be approved by the CT SHPO. The successful bidder along with the subcontractors shall make a good faith effort, to the greatest extent feasible, to employ and contract small and minority contractors ad defined by the State of Connecticut with regards to the small and minority business enterprises. In compliance with State of Connecticut regulations, the bidder must be an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. All contractors must comply with 4a-60 and 4a-60a of the Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) and Sections 46a-68j-21 through 43 of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies, which require them to “aggressively solicit the participation of legitimate minority business enterprises as bidders, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers of materials.” To that end, all contractors must complete, sign, and return the CHRO Contract Compliance Regulations Notification to Bidders form to the grantee at the time of bid opening. Bids not including this form should be considered incomplete and rejected. This form can be found here: QUESTIONS AND CLARIFICATIONS All questions and clarification requests regarding the contract documents must be forwarded to Juster Pope Frazier, via email to Only written clarifications or addenda issued by Juster Pope Frazier shall be considered valid responses to questions. DO NOT REQUEST VERBAL CLARIFICATIONS VIA TELEPHONE. All questions and clarifications requests must be submitted to Juster Pope Frazier no later than four days prior to bid date. Written Addenda will be issued simultaneously to all general contractors via email. General Contractors are responsible for forwarding addenda to their subcontractors. The Woodstock Academy reserves the right to reject any or all Bids, for any reason, if it deems it in their interest to do so. All bids shall remain in effect until 5 pm. April 16, 2021. The Woodstock Academy is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. Minority/Women’s Business Enterprises are encouraged to apply.
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