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Researchers Make Progress With It’s Program Towards Autonomous Construction. Displaying A Menzi Muck m545 Leg Wheeled Excavator Equipped With Machine Vision And Autonomy And Robotics

University ETH Zürich - Zürich, Switzerland - Researchers at ETH Zurich used a prototype autonomous excavator known as HEAP internally to construct a dry stone wall that was approximately 65 meters long and 6 meters high. The excavator is equipped with combined Lidar, IMU, GNSS and other joint sensing programs and demonstrated construction of a

July 2023 Construction Spending Nudges 0.07% Above Revised June’s $1958.9 Billion to $1972.6 Billion – Current Construction Markets Snap Shot Analysis & Run Down Report

United States Of America - Construction spending in July 2023 is expected to be $1,972.6 billion, 0.7 percent higher than the revised June projection of $1,958.9 billion. Total Construction Year over year Construction Spending amount for July is 5.5 percent higher than the projection for July 2022 of $1,869.3 billion. Construction spending

New Home Sales Slow To Pre-Pandemic Levels – Inventories Build

United States of America - New home sales slid to match that of pre-pandemic levels in the U.S. Census June 2022 report. Although the nation faces a national shortage of homes the inventories of new homes for sale has expanded. New Homes Sales According to projections provided simultaneously today by the U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of…


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