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July 2023 Construction Spending Nudges 0.07% Above Revised June’s $1958.9 Billion to $1972.6 Billion – Current Construction Markets Snap Shot Analysis & Run Down Report

United States Of America - Construction spending in July 2023 is expected to be $1,972.6 billion, 0.7 percent higher than the revised June projection of $1,958.9 billion. Total Construction Year over year Construction Spending amount for July is 5.5 percent higher than the projection for July 2022 of $1,869.3 billion. Construction spending

ALERT: New Cyber Attack Risks Observed

United States Of America - New cyber attack risks have been observed and under study. New techniques which we call a new "hybrid'' utilize a combination of devices to "air" jack device data via two way through the use of LED, OPTICAL, WIFI, SAT or Cellular. 1) One method observed utilizes attacks the NIC & Switches via Morse Code tied to…


BYLT & The Portfolio Of Partners Is Happy To Say It Has Been Acquired For Expansion. We Will Be On Break While The Move And Upgrade To New Infrastructure & Portfolio Products And Companies That Have Been Completed Over The Years Begin To Roll Out While Regulatory Approvals Finalize .

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