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Libya Floods Caused By Storm Daniel Catastrophic For Region. 5.000 Presumed dead With Over 10,000 Missing.

Libya - North Africa, - Floods caused from Storm Daniel that also left a disastrous path through Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and Mediterranean Sea have brought painful destruction to the already battered Nation of North Africa, Libya. Already humbled from persistent corruption, geo-political division, under funded and neglected infrastructure along

Severe Winter Weather And Dangerous Cold Temps Move Towards New England

New England, United States of America - Strong and dangerous winter weather including blizzard conditions are moving through Chicago, Mid West and the Great Lakes. The NorthEast United States should prepare for strong dangerous winds, dangerously low temperatures and wind chills, loss of power and limited access to supplies and assistance. Stay…

ALERTS & LEVELS: West Coast United States Mudslides, Sink Hole & Trench Collapse Risks Increase

ALERTS & LEVELS: West Coast United States Mudslide, Sinkhole Flooding & Trench Collapse Risks Increase. Long standing high heats and drought conditions have occurred for most of this year. Service workers, riggers, city planners and other homeowners and contractors should be more on alert for forthcoming events of extended rain and soil…


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