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Lumber Prices Could Reach $2400 In 2022

United States Of America - Lumber prices could escalate easily to $2400 per MBF this spring and late summer similarly mirroring last year. Builders, Developers, Program Managers and Project Managers should weigh risks now and prepare for the possibility. Currently risks seem to be leaning more towards increased demand, labor shortages, natural and

Lumber industry Is Growing In Louisiana

Louisiana, USA- Timber in Louisiana’s vast forests are en route in becoming an even larger industry. Government officials and construction businesses plan to funnel an additional $557 million dollars worth of sawmill projects across the state. Lumber companies Hunt Forest Products and Tolko Industries, Ltd., have proposed the most recent

Campbell Global, a Market Leader in Forest Management and Timberland Investing, is Acquired by J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Direct access to the forest sector and alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Principles of Responsible Investing. J.P. Morgan Asset Management intends to participate actively in the carbon offset market. NEW YORK, NY— J.P. Morgan Asset Management has acquired Campbell Global, LLC, a forest management and

Maximum Volatility Alert Across Lumber Prices & Construction Commodities As Drought and Wild Fire Threats Hit High Alerts

Wild Fire Threats Hit High Alerts Today Signaling An Increased Threat To A Already Stressed Construction Logistics And Supply Chain. More Importantly It Poses A Price & Supply Threat To Lumber. United States Of America - Wildfire & drought alerts hit high levels today across BYLT systems and the the country as the United States


US Lumber Prices and Sawmill Production Are Hitting Record Values in April 2021

On April 9, US lumber prices reached an all-time record close of $1125 per thousand board feet. Compared with the pre-pandemic price of $381, this represents an increase of over 180%. According to AGGRECOST, a single-family home in the US is now $26,800 more expensive due to the effect of lumber prices, before considering the impact of other


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